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número uno Spanish-English

number one

número uno Spanish-English

number one

del uno in uno Spanish-English

he's doing brilliantly

el año uno in año Spanish-English

the year one, the year dot

ser todo uno in todo Spanish-English

he saw her come in and immediately

uno y medio in y Spanish-English

one and a half

le va del uno in uno Spanish-English

he's doing brilliantly

más de uno/una in uno Spanish-English

there'll be quite a few sorry to see him go

entraron de a uno in de Spanish-English

they went in one by one

uno de los malos in malo Spanish-English

one of the baddies

lo pasamos del uno in uno Spanish-English

we had a great time

los revisé uno por uno in uno Spanish-English

I went through them one by one

hoy es uno de abril in uno Spanish-English

today is the first of April

los hizo entrar uno por uno in por Spanish-English

she made them come in one by one

es uno de los pesados in pesado Spanish-English

he's one of the bigwigs

en uno de sus prontos in pronto Spanish-English

in one of his fits of temper

ir cada uno por su lado in lado Spanish-English

it's better if we all make our own way and meet each other there

Inés tiene uno exactamente igual in igual Spanish-English

Inés has one exactly the same, Inés has one just like it

son cosas que uno ha mamado in mamar Spanish-English

they're things that one has learned/seen from childhood

uno de los mejores del mundo in mundo Spanish-English

one of the best in the world

cada uno que ocupe su puesto in puesto Spanish-English

(to your) places, everyone!, positions, everyone!

le dio uno de sus revires in revire Spanish-English

he had one of his crazy ideas

cuando sale el sol uno revive in revivir Spanish-English

when the sun comes out you come alive again

se comió no uno, sino tres in sino Spanish-English

he ate not one, but three

iban entrando de a uno/una in uno Spanish-English

they were going in one at a time

un pasillo de tres por uno in uno Spanish-English

a corridor three meters (long) by one (wide)

se envidian el uno al otro in uno Spanish-English

they're jealous of each other

ser uno/una de tantos/tantas in uno Spanish-English

to be nothing special, be pretty ordinary, be run-of-the-mill

los presentó uno por uno, como debe ser in ser Spanish-English

she introduced them one by one, the way it should be done

uno de mis abuelos era taxista in abuelo Spanish-English

one of my grandfathers was a taxi driver

les puso un sello a cada uno in cada Spanish-English

he put a stamp on each one

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