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whisky Spanish-English


whisky de malta Spanish-English

malt whiskey*

whisky de malta Spanish-English

malt whiskey*

whisky en las rocas in roca Spanish-English

whiskey on the rocks

se pasaron la noche chupando whisky in chupar Spanish-English

they spent the night drinking whiskey

para mí solo un dedo de whisky in dedo Spanish-English

just a drop of whiskey for me

me encargó una botella de whisky escocés in encargar Spanish-English

she asked me to buy, she asked me to bring her back a bottle of Scotch

lo mismo puedes conseguir un destornillador que una botella de whisky in mismo Spanish-English

you can get anything, from a screwdriver to a bottle of whiskey

whisky English-Spanish

whisky m, güisqui mesp escocés

whisky mac English-Spanish

bebida de whisky y vino con gengibre y especias

malt (whisky) in malt English-Spanish

whisky m de malta

a large consignment of whisky hijacked from a truck in hijack English-Spanish

un gran cargamento de whisky robado de un camión

he was just having a surreptitious glass of whisky in surreptitious English-Spanish

se estaba tomando un vaso de whisky a escondidas