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These popular and reliable resources from Oxford provide expert recommendations on grammar, spelling, and usage; essential guides to the written word; and specialist dictionaries for writers, editors, proofreaders, and other professionals.

Reliable style advice for anyone writing for print or online publication.
  • Help with understanding publishing terms
  • Clear advice on punctuation and hyphenation
  • Straightforward guidelines for correct capitalization
  • A dedicated chapter on the differences between US English and UK English
  • Guidance on clear citations of quotations and titles of works
  • Support with using bibliographies, notes, and indexes
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The definitive guide to modern legal vocabulary, style, and usage.
  • Explains what legalese is and how it can be simplified
  • Thousands of illustrative quotations from leading law sources
  • Origins of common terms and help with misused phrases
  • Definitions of vocabulary and pronunciation guidelines
  • Guidance on distinguishing between near-synonyms
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Clear guidance on topics and words that commonly cause difficulties.
  • Spellings of difficult and unusual words
  • Alternative and American / British forms
  • Help with hyphenation, capitalization, and abbreviations
  • Proper names, titles of books, and names of fictional characters
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The classic A-Z authority on English usage.
  • Covers over 4,000 issues of grammar and style and spelling and vocabulary
  • Expert advice on areas that often cause confusion, such as the split infinitive
  • Example sentences from works of classic and modern fiction, newspapers and magazines, journals and works of reference
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