1 The parts of a book

1.6 Errata slips

An errata slip lists errors in a printed book and their corrections; if there is only one correction the correct term is erratum slip. A slip inserted loose in a book should be labelled with the author’s name, book title, and ISBN; alternatively the slip may be tipped (pasted) in. In a later printing or edition, if the text itself has not been corrected, the errata may be set as part of the prelims or end matter. When fixed to, or printed in, the book the errata may be called corrigenda (singular corrigendum). Note that errata slips should be used only in the event of there being serious mistakes or errors of fact in the book.

A list of errata should be as concise as possible, making clear the location, the substance of the error, and the form of the correction. Italic type is used for editorial directions, and punctuation is included only where it is part of the error and/or the correction.

  • p. 204, line 15: for live wire read earth wire

  • p. 399, line 2: for guilty read ‘not proven’

For ebook and other digital editions, it is much easier to correct the error than to prepare an errata slip.

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