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13 Law and legal references

13.7 Other materials

13.7.1 Reports of Parliamentary select committees

Refer to such papers by name and number:

Defence Select Committee, ‘Iraq: An Initial Assessment of Post-Conflict Operations’ HC (2004–05) 65-I

13.7.2 Law Commission

Cite Law Commission reports by name and Commission number, with the year of publication and any Command Paper number:

Law Commission, Intoxication and Criminal Liability (Law Com No 314, Cm 7526, 2009) para 1.15

13.7.3 Hansard

Hansard (not italic) is the daily and weekly verbatim record of debates in the British Parliament (its formal name being The Official Report of Parliamentary Debates). There have been five series of Hansard: first, 1803–20 (41 vols); second, 1820–30 (25 vols); third, 1830–91 (356 vols); fourth, 1892–1908 (199 vols); fifth, 1909– . It was only from 1909 that Hansard became a strictly verbatim report; prior to that time the reports’ precision and fullness varied considerably, particularly before the third series.

Since 1909 reports from the House of Lords and the House of Commons have been bound separately, rather than within the same volume. References up to and including 1908 are ‘Parl. Deb.’ Hansard is numbered by column rather than page. Full references are made up of HC or HL, volume number, column number, and date (in parentheses):

Hansard, HC vol 357, cols 234–45 (13 April 1965)
For pre-1909 citations, use the following form:
Parl. Deb. (series 4) vol. 24, col. 234 (24 March 1895)

13.7.4 Command Papers

In references, the abbreviations given before the numbers of Command Papers vary according to the time period into which the paper falls. Consequently they should not be made uniform or changed unless they are clearly incorrect. The series, abbreviations, years, and number extents are as follows, with an example for each:





(C (1st series) 28)





(C (2nd series) 23)





(Cd 45)





(Cmd 12)





(Cmnd 356)





(Cm 69)

The references themselves are set in parentheses:

Secretary of State for Health, ‘Government Response to the House of Commons Health Committee Report on the Provision of Allergy Services’ (Cm 6433, 2005)

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