17 Notes and references

17.5 Citation linking

17.5.1 Reference management software

The many software programs that can help with reference formatting can adapt citations to whichever system is required by the publisher with comparative ease. References can be downloaded from citation databases such as Copac in a form that can be imported into the reference management software, which then embeds the reference in the word-processor document. Editors should be aware that automatically formed references should always be checked for consistency, completeness, and accuracy, as some manual intervention may be necessary, particularly for sources that do not follow the usual pattern.

17.5.2 References as an active resource

Hyperlinks in digital texts can and have transformed the workhorse reference list into a dynamic resource providing access to multimedia material that enriches the user’s experience to a far greater extent than a printed book. Authors and editors should be aware, however, that this will be successful only if the referencing is done accurately to enable linking to material that should be current and accessible.

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