5 Capitalization

5.7 Events

Initial capitals are generally used for the formal names of wars, treaties, councils, assemblies, exhibitions, conferences, and competitions.

The following examples are indicative:

the Crucifixion

the Inquisition

the Reformation

the Grand Tour

the Great Famine

the Boston Tea Party

the Gunpowder Plot

the Great Fire of London

the First World War

the Siege of Stalingrad

the Battle of Agincourt

the French Revolution

the Treaty of Versailles

the Triple Alliance

the Lateran Council

the Congress of Cambrai

the Indian and Colonial Exhibition

the One Thousand Guineas

Note that war and equivalent terms are capitalized when forming part of the conventional name of a specific conflict, but are lower case when part of a looser, more descriptive designation:

the Peninsular campaign
the Korean conflict
After the first mention, any subsequent references to the war etc. are in lower case.

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