8 Work titles in text

8.1 General principles

The text of one work often contains references to others. They may be discussed at length or mentioned fleetingly in passing, with extended bibliographic information or none at all. Work titles mentioned in the text should be styled according to consistent conventions, which will normally match those used in the notes or bibliography, if these are present. It should be noted that newspapers and magazines often follow their own style, which differs from other non-fiction works.

‘Work titles’ is a category of convenience, the boundaries of which may be indistinct. The works considered here are often in written form, but also include broadcast works, film, digital works (including games, apps, and podcasts), musical works, and works of art. The definition of a title is by no means unproblematic, especially outside the area of printed works, not least because the distinction between a formal title and a description is to some extent a matter of convention and arbitrary decision.

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