8 Work titles in text

8.9 Integration of titles into text

Integrate the title of a work syntactically into the sentence in which it is mentioned.

Do not separate an author’s name from a work title simply by a comma; where appropriate employ a possessive form. An initial definite or indefinite article may be omitted from a title if this helps the sentence to read more smoothly:

the arguments in Darwin’s Origin of Species

Always treat the title of a work as singular, regardless of its wording:

his Experiences of a Lifetime ranges widely

Phrasing that places the title of a work as the object of the prepositions on or about (as in the third of the following examples) should be avoided. The style should be:

a paper on the origins of the manor in England
a paper, ‘The origins of the manor in England’
a paper on ‘The origins of the manor in England’

When part or all of a book’s title or subtitle, or any other matter from the title page, is quoted it should be styled as a quotation, not as a work title, that is in roman not italic type and with the original punctuation and capitalization (unless full capitals) preserved:

The Enimie of ldlenesse, printed in 1568, was presented as a manual ‘Teaching the maner and stile how to endite, compose, and write all sorts of Epistles and Letters’

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