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Give thanks… for Native American loanwords!


Since I've only been in the US a year and a half, so far I've only experienced one Thanksgiving - but I must say that given…

How has computer technology affected dictionary-making?

In the days before computers, writing a dictionary was a laborious job. Find out how new technology has changed the way dictionaries are made.

Word of the day jaunt
Pronunciation: dʒɔːnt
a short excursion or journey made for pleasure

How do we decide whether a new word should be included in an Oxford dictionary?

Discover how we monitor and research language in order to decide which words to include in our dictionaries.

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“All generalizations are dangerous, even this one.”

Alexandre Dumas


French writer

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origin of posh
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Video: what is the origin of ‘posh’?


Posh means ‘elegant or stylishly luxurious’, but what is the origin of the word; does it stand for ‘port out, starboard home’?…