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Use our dictionary of synonyms to find substitutes when you want to avoid using the same word repeatedly when speaking or writing, to find a more modern or more formal equivalent of a word, or to broaden your vocabulary.

OED Word of the Day monkey business
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From monkey business to psychedelicatessen: illustrating the OED Word of the Day


If you’ve subscribed to the Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Day, or seen it on Twitter, then you may have wondered…

Questions about language

Why is the alphabet arranged the way it is? How many words are there in the English language? Get the answers to some intriguing language questions.

500 WORDS is back for 2016

Oxford Dictionaries for Children have teamed up with BBC Radio 2 to find the most talented young writers.

Quote of the week

“Love is the bright foreigner, the foreign self.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


American writer

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Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge

Test your spelling skills with this interactive spelling game, with difficulty levels ranging from tricky to fiendish.

Clock gear set
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15 words invented by authors


Inventors’ Day is typically celebrated in honour of all the great minds past and present that have come up with a process…