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Pronunciation: /kəˈpasɪti/

Translation of capacity in Arabic:

noun/اسم (plural/جمع capacities)

  • 1 uncountable/غير معدود (of a vehicle, stadium) سَعة the hall was packed to capacity امْتَلَأَت القاعةُ عن آخِرِها the stadium has a capacity of 35,000 يَسَعُ المَلْعَبُ 35,000 شَخْصٍ the prison is stretched beyond capacity يَتَحَمَّلُ السِجْنُ أَكْثَرَ من طاقَتِهِ الاسْتيعابيّةِ
  • 2 uncountable/غير معدود (of a plant, factory) طاقة إنْتاجيّة the factory is working at full capacity/below capacity يَعْمَلُ المَصْنَعُ بِكامِلِ \ تحت طاقَتِهِ الإنْتاجيّةِ
  • 3 (role) دَوْر (plural: أَدْوار), صِفة she works here in an advisory capacity تَعْمَلُ هُنا بِصِفةٍ اسْتِشاريّةٍ in his capacity as president/chairman بِصِفَتِهِ رَئيساً \ رَئيسَ مَجْلِسِ إدارةٍ
  • 4 (ability) قُدْرة (plural: قُدُرات), اسْتِطاعة she has a great capacity for hard work لَدَيْها قُدْرةٌ عَظيمةٌ على العَمَلِ الشاقِّ the task is well within his capacity المُهِمّةُ في حُدودِ اسْتِطاعَتِهِ

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