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Pronunciation: /kliːn/

Translation of clean in Arabic:


  • 1 (not dirty) [clothes] [hands] [dishes] نَظيف to keep the house clean and tidy حافَظَ على البَيْتِ نَظيفاً وَمُرَتَّباً a clean sheet of paper وَرَقة فارِغة to wipe one's face/mouth clean مَسَحَ وَجْهَهُ \ فَمَهُ keep your shoes clean حافِظْ على حِذائِكَ نَظيفاً
  • 2 (unpolluted) [energy] [fuel] [water] نَقيّ to develop cleaner fuels طَوَّرَ مَصادِرَ أَنْقى للطاقةِ
  • 3 (not immoral) [image] [joke] مُهَذَّب, غَيْر بَذيءٍ it's all good clean fun ما هي إلاّ مُتْعةٌ بَريئةٌ clean living حَياة نَظيفة keep it clean! لا تَتَعَدّى حُدودَ الأَدَبِ!
  • 4 (free of infractions) [reputation] نَظيف; [driving licence] خالٍ من النِقاطِ \ المُخالَفاتِ; [record] خالٍ من السَوابِقِ
  • 5 [sport/الرياضة] (sportsmanlike) [game] نَظيف
  • 6 (neat, elegant) [lines] مُنَمَّق to make a clean break with the past قَطَعَ كُلَّ صِلةٍ بَيْنَهُ وَبَيْنَ الماضي


  • تَماماً the bullet went clean through his shoulder اخْتَرَقَت الرَصاصةُ كَتِفَهُ تَماماً to jump clean over the wall قَفَزَ فوق الجِدارِ تَماماً we're clean out of bread لا يوجَدُ لَدَيْنا خُبْزٌ على الإطْلاقِ

transitive verb/فعل متعد

  • 1 نَظَّفَ (II) [the house] [a room] [one's shoes] I cleaned the dirt off my hands/the windscreen نَظَّفْتُ يَدَيَّ \ زُجاجَ السَيّارةِ من الأَوْساخِ to have sth cleaned أَرْسَلَ شَيْئاً إلى المَغْسَلةِ لِتَنْظيفِهِ to clean one's teeth نَظَّفَ أَسْنانَهُ to clean a wound طَهَّرَ جُرْحاً

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد


  • [informal/غير رسمي], تَنْظيف to give sth a clean نَظَّفَ شَيْئاً


to come clean about sth

[informal/غير رسمي], اعْتَرَفَ بالحَقيقةِ بِخُصوصِ شَيْءٍ

to clean up one's act

[informal/غير رسمي], ضَبَطَ سُلوكَهُ

to make a clean sweep

(in competitions, elections) اكْتَسَحَ (VIII); (organizations) أَجْرى تَغْييراً شامِلاً

Phrasal verbs

clean off

[stain] أُزيلَ
clean [sth] offclean off [sth] أَزالَ [شَيْئاً] [dirt] [a stain]

clean out

clean [sth] outclean out [sth] نَظَّفَ [شَيْئاً] تَماماً [a cupboard] [fridge]

clean up

(to clean and tidy a place) نَظَّفَ وَرَتَّبَ مَكاناً to clean up after sb نَظَّفَ وراء شَخْصٍ 1.1 (to wash oneself) تَنَظَّفَ (V) 1.2 [informal/غير رسمي], (to make a profit) حَقَّقَ رِبْحاً كَبيراً
clean [sb] up نَظَّفَ [شَخْصاً] [a child] [patient] to clean oneself up تَنَظَّفَ (V)
clean [sth] upclean up [sth] (to make clean) نَظَّفَ [شَيْئاً] [a mess] [an area] 1.1 (to remove crime from) طَهَّرَ [شَيْئاً] [the streets] [local politics]

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