There are 2 main translations of close in Arabic:

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close 1

British English: /kləʊs/
American English: /kloʊs/


  • 1
    (in space, time)
    you're too close to the edge
    أَنْتَ قَريبٌ جِدًّا من الحافّةِ
    they are very close in age
    هُمْ مُتَقارِبونَ جِدًّا في السِنِّ
    how close are you to finishing it?
    كم بَقِيَ لَكَ من الوَقْتِ لِإنْهائِهِ؟
    in close proximity to something/somebody
    على مَقْرُبةٍ من شَيْءٍ \ شَخْصٍ
    to shoot somebody at close range
    أَطْلَقَ النارَ على شَخْصٍ من مَدًى قَريبٍ
  • 2
    (intimate) (friend, tie)
    (nearly related) (family, relative)
    من الدَرَجةِ الأولى
    to be close to somebody
    كانَ على عَلاقةٍ وَثيقةٍ بِشَخْصٍ
    to have close ties with or to something
    كانَ لَهُ صِلاتٌ وَثيقةٌ مع شَيْءٍ
    in close contact with somebody/something
    على اتِّصالٍ وَثيقٍ بِشَخْصٍ \ بِشَيْءٍ
  • 3 (in approximation)to bear a close resemblance to somebody/something
    شابَهَ شَخْصاً \ شَيْئاً إلى حَدٍّ كَبيرٍ
    to be close to doing something
    شارَفَ على فِعْلِ شَيْءٍ
    he was close to tears/death
    شارَفَ على البُكاءِ \ المَوْتِ
    it's the closest thing to champagne I've tasted
    هو أَقْرَبُ شَيْءٍ إلى الشَمْبانِيا في كُلِّ ما تَذَوَّقْتُهُ
  • 4
    (careful, thorough) (inspection, examination, supervision)
    I took a closer look at it
    ‫أَلْقَيْتُ عَلَيْهِ نَظْرةً أَدَقَّ‬
    on closer inspection
    عند الفَحْصِ بِشَكْلٍ أَدَقَّ
    to pay close attention to something/somebody
    أَوْلى انْتِباهاً كَبيراً لِشَيْءٍ \ لِشَخْصٍ
    to keep a close eye or watch on something/somebody
    راقَبَ شَيْئاً \ شَخْصاً عن كَثَبٍ
  • 5
    (evenly contested) (race, election, contest)
    Palmer came a close second
    جاءَ بالْمَر في المَرْتَبةِ الثانِيةِ بِفارِقٍ بَسيطٍ
  • 6
    (compact) (weave, texture)
    pages of close print
    صَفَحات كَثيفة النَصِّ
    to fly in close formation
    حَلَّقَ في تَشْكيلاتٍ مُتَقارِبةٍ
  • 7
    (stuffy) (weather)
    عالي الرُطوبةِ
    it's very close
    الجَوُّ خانِقٌ جِدًّا


  • 1
    (in space)
    على مَقْرُبةٍ
    bring your chair closer
    قَرِّبْ كُرْسيَّكَ أَكْثَرَ
    to follow close behind
    تَبِعَ عن كَثَبٍ
    to hold somebody close
    أَمْسَكَ شَخْصاً بِشِدّةٍ
  • 2
    (in approximation)
    على وَشْكِ
    to come closest to an ideal/the truth
    أَصْبَحَ أَقْرَبَ ما يَكونُ من مَثَلٍ أَعْلى \ الحَقيقةِ
    he came close to giving up/succeeding
    كانَ على وَشْكِ الاسْتِسْلامِ \ النَجاحِ

also: close by adverbial phrase/عبارة ظرفية

  • في الجِوارِ
    في مَكانٍ قَريبٍ
    they live quite close by
    يَعيشونَ في مَكانٍ قَريبٍ جِدًّا

also: close on close to prepositional phrase/عبارة تبدأ بحرف جر

  • ما يَقْرُبُ من
    there were close on 200 people
    كانَ هُناكَ ما يَقْرُبُ من 200 شَخْصٍ

also: close together adverbial phrase/عبارة ظرفية

  • على مَقْرُبةٍ من بَعْضِهِما البَعْضِ

also: close up up close close to adverbial phrase/عبارة ظرفية

  • عن قُرْبٍ
    you have to look at it close up
    يَجِبُ أنْ تَنْظُرَ إلَيْها عن قُرْبٍ


  • 1 (British English/الإنكليزية البريطانية)
    طَريق غَيْر نافِذٍ
  • 2 (British English/الإنكليزية البريطانية)
    (of cathedral)
    فِناء الكاتِدْرائيّةِ


it was a close shave or thing

too close for comfort

(قَريبٌ بِشَكْلٍ يُسَبِّبُ الضَجَرَ)

Definition of close in:

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There are 2 main translations of close in Arabic:

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close 2
British English: /kləʊz/
American English: /kloʊz/

transitive verb/فعل متعد

  • 3
    (to bring to an end) (Form IV) (a case, an investigation)
    (Form IV), (stem vowel = i) (Form I) (a meeting, discussion)
    the subject is closed
    أُغْلِقَ المَوْضوعُ
  • 4 (to reduce) See examples: to close the gap between rich and poor
    ضَيَّقَ الفَجْوةَ بين الأَغْنِياءِ والفُقَراءِ

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد

  • 1
    (to shut) (door)
  • 3
    (to end) (meeting, season) (Form VIII)
    the meeting will close at 10 pm
    سَوْفَ يَنْتَهي الاجْتِماعُ 10 مَساءً
  • 4
    (to cease to operate) (factory, business)
  • 5 (Finance)
    (shares, market) (Form IV), (Form IV)
    the market closed down/up
    أَقْفَلَ السوقُ على ارْتِفاعٍ \ انْخِفاضٍ
    the dollar closed up/down against the euro
    أَقْفَلَ الدولارُ على ارْتِفاعٍ \ انْخِفاضٍ مُقابِلَ اليورو
  • 6
    (to get closer) (pursuer, enemy) (Form VIII)
    to close on somebody
    اقْتَرَبَ من شَخْصٍ


  • at the close of trading
    عند الإقْفالِ
    عند نِهايةِ التَداوُلِ
    at the close of play
    في خِتامِ المُباراةِ
    to come to or draw to a close
    وَصَلَ إلى النِهايةِ
    to bring something to a close

Phrasal verbs

close down

close down [something], close [something] down
أَغْلَقَ [شَيْئاً] نِهائيًّا
(a factory, business)

close in

(enemy, pursuers)
ضَيَّقَ الخِناقَ
to close in on somebody/something
ضَيَّقَ الخِناقَ على شَخْصٍ \ شَيْءٍ
darkness/winter was closing inclose
اقْتَرَبَ حُلولُ الظَلامِ \ الشِتاءِ

close off

close off [something], close [something] off

close up

(wound) (Form VIII)
(flower) (Form I) (stem vowel = i)
(trader) (أَغْلَقَ المَحَلَّ عند نِهايةِ الدَوامِ)
close up [something], close [something] up 1 2
(a hole, an entrance)

close with

close with [somebody]
اشْتَبَكَ مع [شَخْصٍ]
(the enemy)

Definition of close in:

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