Translation of flare in Arabic:


Pronunciation: /flɛː/


  • 1 إشارة ضَوْئيّة
  • 3 (of a skirt) [ جُزْء سُفْليّ واسِع ]

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد

  • 2 [clothing/الملابس] [skirts] [trousers] ([ في الجُزْءِ السُفْليِّ ]) اتَّسَعَ

Phrasal verbs

flare up

(to burn brightly) [fires] اتَّقَدَ (VIII) 1.1 (to erupt) [trouble] [violence] احْتَدَمَ (VIII); [tempers] [anger] اضْطَرَمَ (VIII); [epidemics] [revolutions] انْدَلَعَ (VII) 1.2 (to recur) [illness] [symptoms] عاوَدَ (III)

Definition of flare in:

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