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Pronunciation: /ˈfɒləʊ/

Translation of follow in Arabic:

transitive verb/فعل متعد

  • 1 (to come after) تَبِعَ (stem vowel = a) (I) [a person] [car] to follow sb تَبِعَ شَخْصاً they followed us on a later flight لَحِقوا بِنا فيما بَعْدُ على مَتْنِ رِحْلةٍ جَوّيّةٍ she followed her father into medicine/politics سارَتْ على خُطى أَبيها في مَجالِ الطِبِّ \ السِياسةِ
  • 2 (in time) تَلا (I) (stem vowel = u), عَقَبَ (I) (stem vowel = u) [an event] [a period] [incident]
  • 3 (in lists) تَلا (stem vowel = u) (I) [sb's name] [an item]
  • 4 (to go along) تَبِعَ (stem vowel = a) (I) [a path] [river]
  • 6 (to be led by) اقْتَدى (VIII) (+ ب) [an example] [sb's teachings] [a religion]
  • 7 (to monitor) تابَعَ (III) [a sport] [a trial] [the stock market]
  • 8 (to understand) تَمَكَّنَ من المُتابَعةِ [an explanation] [sb's reasoning] [the plot] if you follow me, if you follow my meaning إذا تَمَكَّنْتَ من مُتابَعَتي

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد

  • 2 (in time) there followed a lengthy debate, a lengthy debate followed تَلا ذلك مُناظَرةٌ طَويلةٌ there's ice cream to follow تُوَزَّعُ البوظةُ لاحِقاً the results were as follows كانَت النَتائِجُ كَما يَلي
  • 3 (to be a consequence) تَرَتَّبَ (V) it follows that ... يَتَرَتَّبُ على ذلك أنّ ... it doesn't necessarily follow that ... لَيْسَ بالضَرورةِ أنْ يَتَرَتَّبَ على ذلك أنّ ...
  • 4 (to understand) [person] فَهِمَ (stem vowel = a) (I) I don't follow لا أَفْهَمُ

Phrasal verbs

follow about

follow around
follow [sb] about تَبِعَ [شَخْصاً] [a tourist] [one's brother]

follow out

follow out [sth] (American English/الإنكليزية الأمريكية) اتَّبَعَ [شَيْئاً] [advice] [an order]

follow through

[sport/الرياضة] [tennis players] [golfers] أَكْمَلَ الضَرْبةَ 1.1follow through [sth]follow [sth] through واصَلَ [شَيْئاً] إلى النِهايةِ [an experiment] [a threat] [an idea]

follow up

follow up [sth]follow [sth] up (to confirm) عَزَّزَ [شَيْئاً] [a victory] [success] 1.1 (to act upon) تابَعَ [شَيْئاً] [a complaint] [a suggestion] [letter]

Definition of follow in:

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