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British English: /ˈhap(ə)n/
American English: /ˈhæpən/

Translation of happen in Arabic:

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد

  • 1
    (to take place) (accident, event)
    what's happening?
    ماذا يَحْدُثُ؟
    how/when did it happen?
    كيف \ مَتى حَصَلَ هذا؟
    we must make sure this never happens again
    يَجِبُ أنْ نَتَأَكَّدَ أنّ هذا لن يَحْدُثَ مَرّةً أُخْرى
    a strange thing happened today
    حَدَثَ شَيْءٌ غَريبٌ اليَوْمَ
    these things happen
    هذه الأُمورُ تَحْدُثُ
    whatever happens, don't answer
    مَهْما حَدَثَ، لا تَرُدَّ
    she's the sort of person who makes things happen
    هي من ذلك النَوْعِ من البَشَرِ الّذي يَسْتَطيعُ أنْ يَصْنَعَ النَجاحَ
  • 2 (to chance) to happen to do something
    فَعَلَ شَيْئاً صُدْفةً
    if you happen to see her, say hello
    إذا صادَفَ وَرَأَيْتَها، فَبَلِّغْها سَلامي
    it so happens that he's my son
    في الواقِعِ هو ابْني
    you wouldn't happen to have a screwdriver, would you?
    هل أَجِدُ مَعَكَ مِفَكًّا؟
    as it happened, the meeting ended early
    في الواقِعِ انْتَهى الاجْتِماعُ مُبَكِّراً
  • 3 (to befall)to happen to somebody
    حَدَثَ لِشَخْصٍ
    if anything happens to her, I shall never forgive myself
    إذا حَدَثَ لَها أَيُّ شَيْءٍ، فَلَنْ أُسامِحَ نَفْسي أَبَداً
  • 4 (to become of) what will happen to the children?
    ماذا سَيَكونُ مَصيرُ الأَوْلادِ؟
  • 5 [formal/رسمي] (emphatic use) I happen to know that it's true
    أَعْلَمُ يَقيناً أَنَّهُ صَحيحٌ

Phrasal verbs

happen on

happen upon
happen on [something/somebody]
وَجَدَ [شَيْئاً \ شَخْصاً] بِمَحْضِ الصُدْفةِ (a website, restaurant)
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