Translation of hire in Arabic:


Pronunciation: /ˈhʌɪə/

transitive verb/فعل متعد


  • (action) اسْتِئْجار, اسْتِخْدام; (payment) أَجْر (plural: أُجور) boats/skis for hire قَوارِب \ زَلاّجات للاسْتِئْجارِ the hire of the car was £140 per week كانَ إيجارُ السَيّارةِ مِائةً وَأَرْبَعينَ جُنَيْهاً في الأُسْبوعِ

Phrasal verbs

hire out

hire [sth] outhire out [sth] أَجَّرَ [شَيْئاً]

Definition of hire in:

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