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Pronunciation: /məˈtɪərɪəl/

Translation of material in Arabic:


  • 1 uncountable/غير معدود (information) مادّة (plural: مَوادُّ) to collect material on a topic جَمَعَ مادّةَ المَوْضوعِ to prepare teaching/publicity material جَمَعَ مَوادَّ تَدْريسٍ \ إعْلاناتٍ
  • 2 uncountable/غير معدود (substance) مادّة (plural: مَوادُّ) radioactive material مادّة مُشِعّة
  • 3 uncountable/غير معدود (fabric) قُماش curtain/dress material قُماش سِتارةٍ \ فُسْتانٍ 3 metres of material 3 أَمْتارٍ من القُماشِ
  • 4 uncountable/غير معدود (potential) واعِد he's officer/management material هو مَشْروعُ ضابِطٍ \ مُديرٍ واعِدٍ

plural noun/جمع (materials)

  • (basic elements) مَوادّ artist's materials مَوادّ فَنّانٍ building materials مَوادّ بِناءٍ raw materials مَوادّ خام


  • 1 (real) [assistance] [change] [effect] مادّيّ the storm caused material damage تَسَبَّبَت العاصِفةُ في خَسائِرَ ماديّةٍ
  • 2 (important) [evidence] [question] مادّيّ she was one of the material witnesses in the case كانَتْ واحِدةً من الشُهودِ المُهِمّينَ في القَضيّةِ
  • 3 (concrete) [possessions] [comfort] مادّيّ all his material needs were catered for تَمَّ تَلْبِيةُ كُلِّ حاجاتِهِ المادّيّةِ

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