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British English: /nʌɪs/
American English: /naɪs/

Translation of nice in Arabic:


  • 1
    (enjoyable, pleasant) (day, drive, holiday)
    it will be nice to see them
    سَيَكونُ من اللطيفِ أنْ نَراهُمْ
    have a nice day!
    أَتَمَنّى لَكَ نَهاراً سَعيداً!
    did you have a nice time?
    هل قَضَيْتَ وَقْتاً لَطيفاً؟
    it's nice and sunny
    الجَوُّ لَطيفٌ وَمُشْمِسٌ
    we had a nice long chat
    ‫دارَتْ بَيْنَنا مُحادَثةٌ طَويلةٌ لَطيفةٌ‬
    nice to have met you
    تَشَرَّفْتُ بِمُقابَلَتِكَ
  • 3 (tasty)
    (meal, drink)
    it tastes nice
    ‫طَعْمُهُ لَذيذٌ‬
    a nice cool drink
    ‫شَراب بارِد لَذيذ‬
  • 4
    (kind) (child, doctor, letter)
    to be nice to somebody
    كانَ لَطيفاً مع شَخْصٍ
    he says really nice things about you
    يَقولُ عَنْكَ أَشْياءً لَطيفةً حَقًّا‬‬
  • 5 (socially acceptable)
    (neighbourhood, school, behaviour)
    this a nice suburb to live in
    هذه ضاحِيةٌ لَطيفةٌ للعَيْشِ فيها
  • 6 (used ironically) nice friends you've got!
    ما أَسْخَفَ أَصْدِقاءَكَ!
    this is a nice mess you've got us into!
    لَقَدْ أَوْقَعْتَنا في هذا المَأْزِقِ السَخيفِ!
    that's a nice way to talk to your father!
    هذا أُسْلوبٌ سَخيفٌ للحَديثِ مع أَبيكَ!


nice one!

[informal/غير رسمي] (in admiration)
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