Translation of person in Arabic:


Pronunciation: /ˈpəːs(ə)n/


  • 1
    (plural/جمع people, persons)
    (human being) شَخْص (masculine/feminine) (plural: أَشْخاص, plural: شُخوص), إنْسان, امْرُؤ a young person شابّ (plural: شَباب) a single person شَخْص أَعْزَب in person شَخْصيًّا he's the only person who could have done it هو الشَخْصُ الوَحيدُ الّذي كانَ بِإمْكانِهِ أنْ يَفْعَلَهُ what kind of person would do a thing like that? أَيُّ بَشَرٍ هذا الّذي يَفْعَلُ شَيْئاً كَهَذا؟ there's no such person لا يوجَدُ مِثْلُ هذا الشَخْصِ what's she like as a person? كيف هي كَإنْسانةٍ؟ the very person I was looking for! الشَخْص الّذي كُنْتُ أَبْحَثُ عَنْهُ بالضَبْطِ! the person concerned الشَخْص المَعْنيّ
  • 2 [formal/رسمي], (individual) شَخْص (masculine/feminine) (plural: أَشْخاص, plural: شُخوص) to have sth on or about one's person كانَ يَحْمِلُ مَعَهُ شَيْئاً with drugs concealed about his person مع مُخَدِّراتٍ يَخَبِّئُها مَعَهُ a person or persons unknown شَخْص غَيْر مَعْلومِ الهُويّةِ
  • 3 (in grammar) ضَمير (plural: ضَمائِرُ) the first person singular ضَمير المُتَكَلِّمِ المُفْرَدِ

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