Translation of provide in Arabic:


Pronunciation: /prəˈvʌɪd/

transitive verb/فعل متعد

  • 1 (to supply) قَدَّمَ (II), وَفَّرَ (II) [services] [food] [an opportunity] a meal is provided on the flight تُقَدَّمُ وَجْبةٌ أثناء الرِحْلةِ to provide sb with sth, to provide sth for sb وَفَّرَ شَيْئاً لِشَخْصٍ the state provides the citizens with education and medical services, the state provides education and medical services for the citizens تُوَفِّرُ الدَوْلةُ التَعْليمَ والخَدَماتِ الطِبّيّةَ للمُواطِنينَ they were provided with everything they needed تَمَّ تَزْويدُهُمْ بِكُلِّ ما يَحْتاجونَهُ it provided the perfect excuse to ... وَفَّرَ الحُجّةَ المُناسِبةَ ل ...
  • 2 (to stipulate) [law] [agreement] نَصَّ (I) (stem vowel = u) the contract provides that the the rent is paid in advance يَنُصُّ العَقْدُ على دَفْعِ الإيجارِ مُقَدَّماً

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد

  • [the state] وَفَّرَ سُبُلَ العَيْشِ; [God] رَزَقَ (stem vowel = u) (I)

Phrasal verbs

provide against

provide against [sth] اتَّخَذَ التَدابيرَ اللازِمةَ ل [شَيْءٍ] [hardship] [a disaster]

provide for

provide for [sth] (to make arrangements for) تَحَسَّبَ \ احْتاطَ ل [شَيْءٍ] [a contingency] [expenses] [an eventuality] 1.1 (to foresee) [insurance policies] [laws] [agreements] نَصَّ (stem vowel = u) (I) (+ على), اشْتَرَطَ (VIII) [action] [help]
provide for [sb] أَعالَ [شَخْصاً] [one's family] [a child] to be well provided for اُعْتُنِيَ بِهِ بِشَكْلٍ جَيِّدٍ

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