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Pronunciation: /pʊl/

Translation of pull in Arabic:

transitive verb/فعل متعد

  • 1 (to tug) جَرَّ (stem vowel = u) (I), شَدَّ (stem vowel = i or u) (I) [a rope] [sb's hair] [a chain] don't pull the cat's tail لا تَشُدَّ ذَيْلَ القِطِّ to pull the sheets over one's head غَطّى رَأْسَهُ بالشَراشِفِ to pull a sweater over one's head (to put it on) لَبِسَ سُتْرةً (to take it off) نَزَعَ سُتْرةً
  • 2 (to move, drag) جَرَّ (stem vowel = u) (I) [a sack] [body] [chair] he pulled me to the window جَرَّني إلى الشُبّاكِ to pull sth out of one's pocket/a drawer أَخْرَجَ شَيْئاً من جَيْبِهِ \ دُرْجٍ to pull sb out of the rubble أَخْرَجَ شَخْصاً من بَيْنِ الأَنْقاضِ he pulled the dog off her شَدَّ الكَلْبَ بَعيداً عَنْها
  • 3 (to draw) جَرَّ (I) (stem vowel = u) [a caravan] [cart] [sled]
  • 4 (to operate) جَذَبَ (stem vowel = i) (I) [a lever] [switch]; ضَغَطَ (I) (stem vowel = a) (+ على) [the trigger]
  • 6 (to harvest) حَصَدَ (I) (stem vowel = i or u) [beans] [potatoes]
  • 7 [informal/غير رسمي], (to produce) أَخْرَجَ (IV) [a gun] [knife] to pull a gun on sb رَفَعَ بُنْدُقيّةً على شَخْصٍ
  • 8 (to steer, guide) قادَ (stem vowel = u) (I) [the car] [bicycle] he pulled the car to the side of the road قادَ السَيّارةَ إلى جانِبِ الطَريقِ
  • 9 (British English/الإنكليزية البريطانية) [informal/غير رسمي], (to serve) صَبَّ (stem vowel = u) (I) [a pint]
  • 10 (to attract) جَذَبَ (stem vowel = i) (I) [an audience] [voters]
  • 11 [informal/غير رسمي], (to pick up) كَسَبَ الوِدَّ, أَوْقَعَ في حِبالِهِ [a woman] [man]
  • 12 (to make) to pull a face[ رَسَمَ تَعْبيراً على وَجْهِهِ ]

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد

  • 1 (to tug) جَرَّ (I) (stem vowel = u), شَدَّ (stem vowel = i or u) (I) she pulled at my sleeve شَدَّتْني من كُمّي stop pulling on the rope تَوَقَّفْ عن شَدِّ الحَبْلِ
  • 2 (to struggle) [dogs] [horses] شَدَّ (stem vowel = i or u) (I)
  • 3 (to move) تَحَرَّكَ (V) to pull ahead of sb [athletes] [drivers] سَبَقَ شَخْصاً
  • 4 (to smoke) to pull at or on a pipe/cigarette دَخَّنَ غَلْيوناً \ سيجارةً
  • 5 (to drink) to pull at a bottle شَرِبَ من زُجاجةٍ
  • 6 (in rowing) شَدَّ بِقوّةٍ


  • 3 [informal/غير رسمي] (influence) تَأْثير, نُفوذ he has a lot of pull in the party لَدَيْهِ نُفوذٌ كَبيرٌ في الحِزْبِ
  • 4 [informal/غير رسمي] (swig) [ جُرْعة كَبيرة ]
  • 5 [informal/غير رسمي], (on a cigarette, pipe) نَفَس (plural: أَنْفاس)
  • 6 (prolonged effort) to be a long/hard pull كانَتْ مُهِمّةً شاقّةً

Phrasal verbs

pull along

pull [sth] alongpull along [sth] جَرَّ [شَيْئاً] [a sled] [cart]

pull apart

[components] [furniture] فَكَّكَ (II)
pull [sb/sth] apart (to separate fighters) فَضَّ الاشْتِباكَ بين [أَشْخاصٍ \ أَشْياءَ] [the boxers] [dogs]; (to separate objects) فَصَلَ بين [أَشْياءَ] [the pages] [layers] [wires] 1.1 (to destroy) [children] [vandals] حَطَّمَ [شَيْئاً] [the furniture] [a toy] 1.2 (critically) هاجَمَ [شَخْصاً \ شَيْئاً] [an idea] [a person] [proposal]

pull away

(to move off) [cars] [trains] انْطَلَقَ (VII) 1.1 (to move away) [person] ابْتَعَدَ (VIII) 1.2 (from rivals) [leader] [runners] [cars] أَحْرَزَ تَقَدُّماً
pull [sb/sth] away أَبْعَدَ [شَخْصاً \ شَيْئاً] [a person] [one's hand] to pull sb/sth away from the window جَذَبَ شَخْصاً \ شَيْئاً بَعيداً عن الشُبّاكِ
pull away from [sb/sth] [drivers] [vehicles] تَحَرَّكَ بَعيداً عن [شَخْصٍ \ شَيْءٍ] [the lights] [the kerb] 1.1 (to move away from) ابْتَعَدَ عن [شَخْصٍ \ شَيْءٍ] [a person] 1.2 (to take a lead over) [leader] [runners] [driver] أَحْرَزَ تَقَدُّماً على [شَخْصٍ \ شَيْءٍ] [the competition] [rest]

pull back

(to withdraw) [troops] انْسَحَبَ (VII) 1.1 (from fear, surprise) [children] [spectators] تَراجَعَ للخَلْفِ
pull [sb/sth] backpull back [sb/sth] (to move back) جَذَبَ [شَخْصاً \ شَيْئاً] إلى الخَلْفِ [a curtain] [chair] 1.1 (to restrain) جَذَبَ [شَخْصاً \ شَيْئاً] إلى الوَراءِ [a child] [dog] 1.2 (to withdraw) سَحَبَ [شَخْصاً \ شَيْئاً] [troops] [artillery]

pull down

pull [sth] downpull down [sth] (to demolish) هَدَمَ [شَيْئاً] [a building] 1.1 (to lower) أَنْزَلَ [شَيْئاً] [a blind] [flag] to pull down one's trousers نَزَعَ سِرْوالَهُ 1.2 (to reduce) [mistakes] أَنْقَصَ [شَيْئاً] [grades] [results] 1.3 (to weaken) [illnesses] أَضْعَفَ [شَخْصاً] [a person] 1.4 (to damage) [losses] [errors] أَضَرَّ ب [شَخْصٍ \ شَيْءٍ] [a person] [one's reputation] [the organization]

pull in

(to park) [cars] [drivers] تَوَقَّفَ (V) pull in just here تَوَقَّفْ هُنا 1.1 (to arrive) [buses] [trains] وَصَلَ (I) (stem vowel = i)
pull [sb] inpull in [sb] (to detain) احْتَجَزَ [شَخْصاً] [a suspect] 1.1 (to attract) شَدَّ انْتِباهَ [شَخْصٍ] [an audience] [a crowd] [tourists]
pull [sth] inpull in [sth] (to retract) سَحَبَ [شَيْئاً] إلى الداخِلِ [claws] [tentacles] 1.1 [informal/غير رسمي] (to earn) سَحَبَ [شَيْئاً] [a sum] [salary]

pull off

[handles] [tops] أَمْكَنَ نَزْعُهُ
pull off [sth] (to leave) خَرَجَ من [شَيْءٍ] [a motorway] [road]
pull off [sth]pull [sth] off (to remove clothes) نَزَعَ \ خَلَعَ [شَيْئاً] [one's coat] [shoes] 1.1 [informal/غير رسمي] (to carry out) أَبْرَمَ [شَيْئاً] [a deal]; شَنَّ [شَيْئاً] [a raid]; قامَ ب [شَيْءٍ] [a robbery]

pull out

(into the road) [cars] [drivers] تَخَطّى (V); (from a station) [buses] [trains] انْطَلَقَ (VII), بَدَأَ في التَحَرُّكِ 1.1 (to start off) [trains] [buses] غادَرَ (III) 1.2 (from a competition, race) [competitors] [negotiators] [candidates] انْسَحَبَ (VII) 1.3 (to withdraw) [troops] [the army] انْسَحَبَ (VII) 1.4 (to come out) [drawers] خَرَجَ (stem vowel = u) (I)
pull [sth] outpull out [sth] (to extract) خَلَعَ [شَيْئاً] [a tooth]; أَخْرَجَ [شَيْئاً] [a splinter]; نَزَعَ [شَيْئاً] [a plug] 1.1 (from a pocket, bag) أَخْرَجَ [شَيْئاً] [one's wallet] [mobile] [a gun] 1.2 (to withdraw) سَحَبَ [شَيْئاً] [the troops] [a team]

pull over

[drivers] [vehicles] تَوَقَّفَ على جانِبِ الطَريقِ
pull [sb/sth] over (to stop) [police officers] أَوْقَفَ [شَخْصاً \ شَيْئاً] [a driver] [vehicle] 1.1 (to knock over) أَسْقَطَ [شَخْصاً \ شَيْئاً] على الأَرْضِ [a statue] [person]

pull through

[victims] اجْتازَ الصِعابَ; [patients] تَغَلَّبَ على المَرَضِ

pull together

(to cooperate) تَكاتَفَ (VI)
pull [sth] together جَمَعَ [شَيْئاً] مَعاً [the chairs] [ends] [the parts] 1.1pull oneself together تَمالَكَ نَفْسَهُ

pull up

(to stop) [drivers] [vehicles] تَوَقَّفَ (V)
pull up [sth]pull [sth] up (to uproot) اقْتَلَعَ [شَيْئاً] [weeds] [a crop] 1.1 (to draw up) رَفَعَ [شَيْئاً] [an anchor] [a drawbridge] 1.2 (to bring closer) قَرَّبَ [شَيْئاً] [a chair] [stool]
pull [sb] up (to raise) رَفَعَ [شَخْصاً] we pulled him up out of the water انْتَشَلْناهُ من الماءِ 1.1 (to reprimand) وَبَّخَ [شَخْصاً] 1.2 (to stop) أَوْقَفَ [شَخْصاً] [a driver] [vehicle]

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