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Pronunciation: /rɪˈdjuːs/

Translation of reduce in Arabic:

transitive verb/فعل متعد

  • 1 (in size) صَغَّرَ (II) [the dimensions] [the image]; قَلَّلَ (II), خَفَّضَ (II) [the number/amount] [costs] reduce the number of words to 500 قَلِّلْ عَدَدَ الكَلِماتِ إلى 500
  • 2 (in scope) خَفَّفَ (II), قَلَّلَ (II) [the impact] [the pressure]; خَفَّضَ (II) [a number] all prices have been reduced by 30% خُفِّضَتْ كُلُّ الأَسْعارِ بِنِسْبةِ 30% ‘reduce speed now’ ’خَفِّض السُرْعةَ الآنَ‘
  • 5 (in dislocations) [a limb]
  • 6 (in rank) to be reduced to the ranks جُرِّدَ من رُتْبَتِهِ
  • 7 (to alter the state of)to reduce sb to tears/silence دَفَعَ شَخْصاً إلى البُكاءِ \ الْتِزامِ الصَمْتِ to reduce the village to ashes حَوَّلَ المَدينةَ إلى رَمادٍ to be reduced to begging/stealing آلَ بِهِ الحالُ إلى التَسَوُّلِ \ السَرِقةِ
  • 9([ حتّى يُقَلِّلَ الحَجْمَ ]) غَلى [a sauce] [stock]

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد

  • 1 (American English/الإنكليزية الأمريكية) (to lose weight) أَنْقَصَ وَزْنَهُ she's reducing again تُنْقِصُ وَزْنَها مَرّةً أُخْرى

adjective/صفة (reduced)

  • 1 (in price) مُخَفَّض all prices reduced كُلُّ الأَسْعارِ مُخَفَّضةٌ
  • 3 [formal/رسمي] (straitened) to live in reduced circumstances عانى من ضيقِ العَيْشِ

Definition of reduce in:

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