Translation of somehow in Arabic:


Pronunciation: /ˈsʌmhaʊ/
someway (American English/الإنكليزية الأمريكية) /ˈsʌmweɪ/


  • 1
    (also somehow or other)
    (by some means) بِطَريقةٍ ما, بِطَريقةٍ أو بِأُخْرى we'll get there somehow ‫سَنَصِلُ هُناكَ بِطَريقةٍ ما‬
  • 2 (for some reason) لِسَبَبٍ ما somehow it doesn't seem necessary لا يَبْدو هذا ضَروريًّا لِسَبَبٍ ما

Definition of somehow in:

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