Translation of tangle in Arabic:


Pronunciation: /ˈtaŋɡ(ə)l/

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد


  • كُتْلة مُتَشابِكة

Phrasal verbs

tangle up

tangle up تَشابَكَ (VI) to get tangled up [hair] [string] تَشابَكَ (VI) 1.1tangle up [sth]tangle [sth] up شَبَّكَ [شَيْئاً] [the wires] [string] to get tangled up in somebody's problem تَوَرَّطَ في مُشْكِلةِ شَخْصٍ

tangle with

tangle with [sb] تَشابَكَ \ اشْتَبَكَ مع [شَخْصٍ]

Definition of tangle in:

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