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British English: /weɪv/
American English: /weɪv/

Translation of wave in Arabic:

transitive verb/فعل متعد

  • 1
    لَوَّحَ (+ ب)
    أَشارَ (+ ب) (one's hand, a flag, stick)
    to wave goodbye to somebody
    لَوَّحَ لِشَخْصٍ مُوَدِّعاً
    the protesters were waving placards
    كانَ المُحْتَجّونَ يُلَوِّحونَ بِلافِتاتٍ
    to wave one's arms in the air
    لَوَّحَ بِيَدَيْهِ في الهَواءِ
  • 2
    (to direct)
    he waved us on/away
    أَشارَ لَنا بالمُضيِّ \ بالابْتِعادِ
  • 3 (at a hairdresser's) to have one's hair waved
    مَوَّجَ شَعْرَهُ

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد

  • 1
    (with one's hand)
    he waved when he saw me
    لَوَّحَ بِيَدِهِ عِنْدَما رَآني
    to wave to or at somebody
    لَوَّحَ بِيَدِهِ لِشَخْصٍ
    she waved to me to come in
    أَشارَتْ إلَيَّ بالدُخولِ


  • 1
    (hand gesture)
    تَلْويح باليَدِ
    she gave the crowd a wave as she passed
    لَوَّحَتْ للجُمْهورِ عِنْدَما مَرَّتْ
    with a wave of his hand
    بِتَلْويحةٍ من يَدِهِ
  • 2
    (of the sea)
    مَوْج n coll (plural: أَمْواج)
  • 3
    (of attacks, anger)
    مَوْج n coll (plural: أَمْواج)
    the pain came in waves
    جاءَ الأَلَمُ بِشَكْلٍ مُتَتابِعٍ
  • 5 (Physics/علم الطبيعة)
    low-/high-frequency radio waves
    مَوْجات الرادْيو ذات التَرَدُّدِ المُنْخَفِضِ \ العالي


to make waves

(to cause trouble)
سَبَّبَ مَشاكِلَ

Phrasal verbs

wave down

wave down [something], wave [something] down
أَشارَ ل [شَيْءٍ] بالتَوَقُّفِ (a taxi, car, driver)

wave off

wave [somebody] off, wave off [somebody]
وَدَّعَ [شَخْصاً] (a friend, passenger)
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