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Pronunciation: /ɔːl/

When all is used as a pronoun, it is generally translated by tout.When all is followed by a that clause, all that is translated by tout ce que: after all (that) we’ve done = après tout ce que nous avons fait.When referring to a specified group of people or objects, the translation of all reflects the number and gender of the people or objects referred to; tous is used for a group of people or objects of masculine or mixed or unspecified gender and toutes for a group of feminine gender: we were all delighted = nous étions tous ravis; ‘where are the cups?’—‘they’re all in the kitchen’ = ‘où sont les tasses?’—‘elles sont toutes dans la cuisine’. all 1In French, determiners agree in gender and number with the noun that follows: all the time = tout le temps; all the family = toute la famille; all men = tous les hommes; all the books = tous les livres; all women = toutes les femmes; all the chairs = toutes les chaises. all 2As an adverb meaning completely, all is generally translated by tout: he was all alone = il était tout seul; the girls were all excited = les filles étaient tout excitées.However, when the adjective that follows is in the feminine and begins with a consonant the translation is toute/toutes: she was all alone = elle était toute seule; the girls were all alone = les filles étaient toutes seules. all 3 1For more examples and particular usages see the entry below.


  • tout that's all I want c'est tout ce que je veux I spent it all, I spent all of it j'ai tout dépensé all of our things toutes nos affaires


  • tout/toute (+ sg); tous/toutes (+ pl) all those who came (men, mixed group) tous ceux qui sont venus (women) toutes celles qui sont venues all his life toute sa vie all the time tout le temps


  • 1 tout she's all wet elle est toute mouillée all in white tout en blanc all along the canal tout le long du canal to be all for sth être tout à fait pour qch tell me all about it! raconte-moi tout!
  • 2 [Sport] (they are) six all (il y a) six partout

phr (all along)

phr (all the)

  • all the more difficult d'autant plus difficile all the better! tant mieux!

phr (all too)

  • [easy, often] bien trop

phr (at all)

  • not at all! (acknowledging thanks) de rien! (answering query) pas du tout! it is not at all certain ce n'est pas du tout certain nothing at all rien du tout

phr (of all)

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