Translation of at in French:


Pronunciation: /æt; ət/


At is often translated by à: at the airport = à l'aéroport; at midnight = à minuit; at the age of 50 = à l'âge de 50 ans. Remember that à + le always becomes au and à + les always becomes aux ( au bureau, aux bureaux).When at means at the house, shop etc of, it is translated by chez: at Amanda's = chez Amanda; at the hairdresser's = chez le coiffeur.For examples and other usages, see the entry below. At is used with many verbs, adjectives and nouns ( look at, good at, at last) etc. For translations consult the appropriate verb, adjective or noun entry.

  • 1 à at school à l'école at 4 o'clock à quatre heures at Easter à Pâques at night la nuit at the moment en ce moment

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