Translation of beat in French:


Pronunciation: /biːt/


vt (prét beat pp, beaten)

  • 1 battre to beat sb with a stick donner des coups de bâton à qn to beat sb at tennis battre qn au tennis to beat time [Mus] battre la mesure she beat me to it elle a été plus rapide que moi
  • 2it beats walking c'est mieux que marcher you can't beat Italian shoes rien ne vaut les chaussures italiennes

vi (prét beat pp, beaten)

  • [waves, rain] battre (against contre); [person] cogner (at, on à); [heart, drum, wings] battre

Phrasal verbs

beat back

repousser [group, flames]

beat down

[rain] tomber à verse (on sur); [sun] taper (on sur)

beat off

repousser [attacker]

beat up

tabasser [fam] [person]

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