Translation of better in French:


When better is used as an adjective, it is translated by meilleur or mieux depending on the context (see 2 below, and note that meilleur is the comparative form of bon, mieux the comparative form of bien).


  • the better of the two le meilleur/la meilleure or le/la mieux des deux so much the better tant mieux

adj (comparative of good)

  • meilleur/-e this wine is better ce vin est meilleur to get better [situation, weather] s'améliorer [ill person] aller mieux things are getting better ça va mieux to be better [patient, cold] aller mieux to be a better swimmer than sb nager mieux que qn to be better at être meilleur/-e en [subject, sport] it's better than nothing c'est mieux que rien the bigger/sooner the better le plus grand/vite possible the less said about that the better mieux vaut ne pas parler de ça

adv (comparative of well)

  • mieux you had better do, you'd better do (advising) tu ferais mieux de faire (warning) tu as intérêt à faire we'd better leave on ferait mieux de partir


for better (or) for worse

to get the better of

triompher de [opponent]

his curiosity got the better of him

sa curiosité a pris le dessus

to go one better

faire encore mieux (than que)

to think better of it

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