Translation of bring in French:


Pronunciation: /brɪŋ/

vt (prét, pp brought)

  • 1 apporter [present, object, message]; amener [person, animal, car] to bring sth with one apporter qch to bring sb/sth into the room faire entrer qn/qch dans la pièce
  • 2 apporter [happiness, rain, change, hope] to bring a smile to sb's face faire sourire qn

Phrasal verbs

bring about

provoquer [change, disaster]; entraîner [success, defeat]

bring along

apporter [object]; amener, venir avec [friend, partner]

bring back

rapporter [souvenir] (from de) to bring back memories ranimer des souvenirs 1.1 rétablir [custom]; restaurer [monarchy]

bring down

renverser [government] 1.1 réduire [inflation, expenditure]; faire baisser [price, temperature] 1.2 (shoot down) abattre

bring forward

avancer [date]

bring in

rapporter [money, interest]; introduire [legislation, measure]; rentrer [harvest]; faire appel à [expert, army]

bring off

réussir [feat]; conclure [deal]

bring on

provoquer [attack, migraine] 1.1 faire entrer [substitute player]

bring out

sortir [edition, new model] 1.1 (highlight) faire ressortir [flavour, meaning]

bring round

(revive) faire revenir [qn] à soi 1.1 (convince) convaincre

bring up

aborder, parler de [subject] 1.1 vomir, rendre [food] 1.2 élever [child] well brought up bien élevé/-e

Definition of bring in:

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