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British English: /ˈkari/
American English: /ˈkɛri/

Translation of carry in French:


transitive verb

  • 1
    (person, animal) (bag, shopping, load, news, message) in dans
    on sur
    to carry something up/down
    porter quelque chose en haut/en bas
    to carry something in/out
    apporter/emporter quelque chose
    to carry the bags over the road
    traverser la route en portant les bagages
    to carry a child across the road
    porter un enfant pour lui faire traverser la route
    to carry cash/a gun
    avoir de l'argent liquide/un revolver sur soi
    to carry a memory/a picture in one's mind
    avoir un sentiment/une image toujours en tête
    to carry something too far
    pousser quelque chose trop loin
    we can't afford to carry anyone
    nous ne pouvons pas nous permettre de traîner des poids morts
  • 2
    (vehicle, pipe, wire, vein)
    (wind, tide, current, stream)
    licensed to carry passengers
    autorisé à transporter des passagers
    to be carried on the wind
    être porté or transporté par le vent
    to be carried along by the tide
    être poussé par la marée
    the wind carried the ash towards the town
    le vent a transporté les cendres vers la ville
    to carry something off ou away
    emporter quelque chose
    to carry somebody off ou away
    emmener quelqu'un
    to carry something/somebody back
    ramener quelque chose/quelqu'un
    to carry one's audience with one
    avoir son public derrière soi
    his quest carried him to India
    sa quête l'a amené en Inde
    her talent will carry her a long way
    son talent la mènera loin
    to be carried along with the general enthusiasm
    être emporté par l'enthousiasme général
  • 3 (feature)
    (warning, guarantee, review, report)
    (symbol, label)
    ‘The Gazette’ will carry the ad
    ‘La Gazette’ publiera l'annonce
  • 4 (entail)
    (risk, danger, responsibility)
    être passible de
    (penalty, fine)
    to carry conviction
    être convaincant
  • 5 (bear, support)
    (bridge, road) (weight, load, traffic)
    the field will not carry that herd/crop
    le champ ne convient pas à ce troupeau/cette culture
  • 6 (Military, Politics) (win)
    l'emporter dans
    (state, region, constituency)
    (battle, match)
    faire voter
    (bill, amendment)
    the motion was carried by 20 votes to 13
    la motion l'a emporté par 20 votes contre 13
    to carry all before one/it
    (person, argument)
    l'emporter haut la main
  • 7 (Medicine)
    être porteur/-euse de
    she is carrying the HIV virus
    elle est porteuse du virus VIH
  • 8 (be pregnant with)
    être enceinte de
    (boy, girl, twins)
    (female animal) (young)
    she is carrying a child
    elle est enceinte
    I am carrying his child
    je porte son enfant
  • 9 (Business) (stock, sell)
    (item, brand)
    we carry a wide range of
    nous offrons un grand choix de
  • 10 (hold, bear) (permanently)
    (tail, head)
    he was carrying his arm awkwardly
    il se tenait le bras de façon curieuse

intransitive verb

  • (sound, voice)
    to carry well
    porter bien
    the noise carried (for) several kilometres
    le bruit a porté à plusieurs kilomètres

reflexive verb

  • to carry oneself
    se tenir
    like comme
    with avec


to be carried away by something

être emballé (informal) par quelque chose

to get carried away

s'emballer (informal), se laisser emporter

Phrasal verbs

carry back

1 carry back [something], carry [something] back (Economy)
reporter [quelque chose] en arrière
(sum, loss)
2 carry [somebody] back (in memory)
(person) to à

carry forward

carry forward [something], carry [something] forward 1.1 (in accounting)
(balance, total, sum)
1.2 (in calculating tax)
reporter [quelque chose] en avant
(sum, loss)

carry off

1 carry off [something]
(prize, medal)
to carry it off (informal)
2 carry off [somebody], carry [somebody] off
(illness, disease) (person, animal)

carry on

1 carry on 1.1 (continue)
doing à faire
carry on!
to carry on down ou along the road
(in car)
continuer la route
(on foot)
poursuivre son chemin
if it carries on like this
si ça continue comme ça
to carry on as if nothing had happened
continuer comme si de rien n'était
to carry on with something
continuer or poursuivre quelque chose
se conduire
that's no way to carry on
ce n'est pas une façon de se conduire
to carry on as if
se conduire comme si
(have affair)
(talk, go on)
to carry on about something
déblatérer (informal) sur quelque chose
2 carry on [something] 2.1 (conduct)
(business, trade)
(conversation, negotiations, normal life)
2.2 (continue)
(tradition, custom)
(family firm)
(activity, discussion)

carry out

carry out [something], carry [something] out
(study, audit, robbery)
(experiment, raid, attack, operation, repairs)
(plan, orders, punishment, recommendations, restoration)
(investigation, campaign, research, survey)
(duties, function, mission)
mener à bien
(experiment, research, survey)
s'acquitter de
(obligation, duties)

carry over

1 carry over into
(problem, attitude, rivalry) (area of activity, personal life)
2 carry something over into
transférer quelque chose dans
(private life, area of activity, adulthood)
3 carry over [something], carry [something] over 3.1 (gen) See examples:to be carried over from
(custom, habit, feeling) (period, childhood)
an item carried over from the last meeting
un point laissé en attente à la dernière réunion
3.2 (Finance) (on stock exchange)
3.3= → carry forward

carry through

1 carry through [something], carry [something] through
mener [quelque chose] à bien
(reform, policy, task)
2 carry [somebody] through
(humour, courage) (person)
(instincts) (person)

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