Translation of change in French:


Pronunciation: /tʃeɪndʒ/


  • 1 [gen], changement (m); (adjustment) modification (f) the change in the schedule la modification du programme change of plan changement de programme a change of clothes des vêtements de rechange a change for the better un changement en mieux that makes a nice change ça change agréablement she needs a change elle a besoin de se changer les idées to need a change of air avoir besoin de changer d'air for a change pour changer
  • 2 (cash) monnaie (f) small change petite monnaie she gave me 10 euros change elle m'a rendu 10 euros have you got change for 50 euros? pouvez-vous me changer un billet de 50 euros?


  • 2 changer de [clothes, name, car, job, TV channel]; (in shop) échanger [item] (for pour) to change places (seats) changer de place (with avec)
  • 3 changer [battery, tyre] to change a bed changer les draps
  • 4 changer [cheque, currency] (into, for en)


  • 1 [situation, person] changer; [wind] tourner the lights changed from red to amber les feux sont passés du rouge à l'orange
  • 2 (into different clothes) se changer to change into passer [garment] to change out of ôter, enlever [garment]

pp adj (changed)

Phrasal verbs

change round

déplacer [large objects]; changer [qn/qch] de place [workers, objects, words]

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