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British English: /tʃɒp/
American English: /tʃɑp/

Translation of chop in French:


  • 1 (blow with axe, tool, hand) to cut something off with one chop
    trancher quelque chose d'un seul coup
  • 3 (British English) [figurative] [informal] (axe)to get the chop
    se faire sacquer [informal]
    (scheme, service, programme)
    être supprimé
    he's afraid of the chop
    il a peur de se faire sacquer [informal]
  • 4 (in table tennis)
    revers (m) coupé

also: chops plural noun

  • [informal]
    gueule (f) [slang]
    a slap across the chops
    une baffe dans la gueule [slang]
    to lick one's chops
    (at food) se lécher les babines

transitive verb p prés etc -pp-

  • 1 (cut up)
    couper (wood, log)
    couper, émincer (vegetable, meat)
    hacher (parsley, onion)
    to chop something into cubes/rounds
    couper quelque chose en cubes/rondelles
    to chop something to pieces ou bits
    couper quelque chose en morceaux
    to chop something finely
    hacher quelque chose
  • 2 [figurative] (cut, reduce)
    réduire (service, deficit, subsidy)
    (cut out) couper (quote, footage)
  • 3 (Sport) (give chopping blow to)
    frapper [quelqu'un] du tranchant de la main (person)
    couper (ball)

also: chopped past participle adjective



(British English) [informal]
et que ça saute! [informal]

to chop and change

évoluer par à-coups

Phrasal verbs

chop down

chop down [something], chop [something] down

chop off

chop off [something], chop [something] off
couper (branch, end)
trancher (head, hand, finger)

chop through

chop through [something]
trancher (bone, cable)
to chop one's way through
se frayer un passage à la hache à travers (undergrowth, forest)

chop up

chop up [something], chop [something] up
couper (wood, log)
émincer (meat, onion) (into en)
Definition of chop in:
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