Translation of control in French:


Pronunciation: /kənˈtrəʊl/


  • 1 [gen], contrôle (m) (of de); (of operation, project) direction (f) (of de); (of life, emotion, self) maîtrise (f) (of, over de) to be in control of contrôler [territory] diriger [operation, organization] maîtriser [problem] avoir le contrôle de [ball, vehicle] to be in control (of oneself) se maîtriser to bring or keep [sth] under control maîtriser to lose control (of sth) perdre le contrôle (de qch)
  • 2 (on vehicle, equipment) commande (f); (on TV) bouton (m) de réglage to be at the controls être aux commandes

vt (p prés etc -ll-)

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