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British English: /ˈkʌvə/
American English: /ˈkəvər/

Translation of cover in French:


  • 3 (of book, magazine)
    (of record) pochette (f)
    on the cover
    (of book) sur la couverture
    (of magazine) en couverture
    she's made the cover of ‘Time’
    elle a fait la couverture de ‘Time’
    from cover to cover
    de la première à la dernière page
    before n (design, illustration, text)
    de couverture
  • 4 (shelter) to provide cover
    servir d'abri (for à)
    to take cover
    se mettre à l'abri
    to run for cover take cover!
    aux abris!
    to break cover
    quitter son abri
    under cover under cover of darkness under cover of the confusion he escaped
    il a profité de la confusion pour s'évader
    open land with no cover
    terrain découvert sans abri possible
  • 5 (for spy, agent, operation, crime)
    couverture (f) (for pour)
    that's her cover
    c'est sa couverture
    to work under cover
    travailler sous une identité d'emprunt
    under cover of something
    sous le couvert de quelque chose
    under cover of doing to blow somebody's cover [informal]
    griller quelqu'un [informal]
  • 6 (Military) to give somebody cover
    couvrir quelqu'un
    I gave cover as he advanced
    je l'ai couvert tandis qu'il avançait
  • 7 (replacement) (for teacher, doctor) to provide emergency cover
    parer aux urgences
  • 8 (British English) (insurance)
    assurance (f) (for pour)
    (against contre)
    to give ou provide cover against
    garantir contre
    she has cover for fire and theft
    elle est couverte contre l'incendie et le vol

transitive verb

  • 1 (to conceal or protect)
    couvrir (table, bed, pan, legs, wound) (with avec)
    recouvrir (cushion, sofa, corpse) (with de)
    boucher (hole) (with avec)
    we had the sofa covered
    on a fait recouvrir le canapé
    cover your mouth when you yawn
    mets la main devant la bouche quand tu bâilles
    cover one eye and read the chart
    cachez un œil et lisez le tableau
    to cover one's ears
  • 2 (coat)
    (person, dust, snow, water, layer)
    recouvrir (ground, surface, person, cake) (with de)
    the ground was covered with snow, snow covered the ground
    le sol était recouvert de neige, la neige recouvrait le sol
    everything got covered with ou in sand
    tout a été recouvert de sable
    the animal is covered in scales
    l'animal est couvert d'écailles
    to cover one's face with cream
    s'enduire le visage de crème
    to be covered in glory
    être couvert de gloire
  • 3 (be strewn over)
    (litter, graffiti, blossom, bruises, scratches)
    the tree was covered with blossom, blossom covered the tree
    l'arbre était couvert de fleurs
    to cover somebody's face with kisses
    couvrir le visage de quelqu'un de baisers
  • 4 (travel over)
    parcourir (distance, area)
    (extend over) s'étendre sur (distance, area)
    we covered a lot of miles on holiday
    nous avons fait beaucoup de kilomètres pendant les vacances
  • 5 (deal with, include)
    (article, book, speaker)
    traiter (subject, field)
    (word, term, item)
    englober (meaning, aspect)
    faire (chapter)
    (rule, law)
    s'appliquer à (situation, person, organization)
    (department, office)
    s'occuper de (area, region, activity)
    couvrir (area)
    that price covers everything
    le prix comprend tout, tout est inclus dans le prix
    we will cover half the syllabus this term
    nous ferons or couvrirons la moitié du programme ce trimestre
  • 6 (report on)
    (journalist, reporter, station)
    couvrir (event, angle, story, subject, match)
    the game will be covered live on BBC1
    le match sera diffusé en direct par BBC1
  • 7 (pay for)
    (amount, salary, company, person)
    couvrir (costs, outgoings)
    combler (loss, deficit)
    £20 should cover it [informal]
    20 livres sterling devraient suffire
    to cover one's costs
  • 8 (insure)
    assurer, couvrir (person, possession) (for, against contre) (for doing pour faire)
    couvrir (costs, parts)
    are you adequately covered?
    est-ce que vous êtes suffisamment assuré?
  • 9 (Military, Sport) (protect)
    couvrir (person, advance, retreat, exit, area of pitch)
    I'll cover you
    je te couvre
    I've got you covered! (threat)

    ne bougez pas ou je tire!
    keep him covered
    tenez-le en joue
    to cover one's back [figurative]
    se couvrir
  • 11 (Music) (make version of)
    faire sa version de (song)

reflexive verb

  • to cover oneself
    se protéger (against contre) (by doing en faisant)
    to cover oneself with
    se couvrir de (glory, praise, shame)
  • also: -covered
    (dans composés) snow-/scrub-covered
    couvert de neige/de broussailles
    enrobé de chocolat

also: covered past participle adjective

  • (porch, passage, courtyard)
    (dish, pan)
    à couvercle

Phrasal verbs

cover for

cover for [somebody] 1.1 (replace) 1.2 (protect)
couvrir (person)
‘I'm going to be late, cover for me!’
‘je vais être en retard, trouve-moi une excuse!’

cover in

= → cover over

cover over

cover over [something], cover [something] over
couvrir (passage, yard, area, pool) (with avec)
recouvrir (painting, mark, stain) (with de)

cover up

1 cover up 1.1 (put clothes on)
se couvrir
1.2to cover oneself up
se couvrir (with de)
1.3 (conceal truth)
étouffer une affaire
to cover up for
couvrir (colleague, friend, mistakes)
they're covering up for each other
ils se couvrent l'un l'autre
2 cover up [something], cover [something] up 2.1 [literal]
recouvrir (window, body, footprints) (with avec)
cacher (answers) (with avec)
2.2 [figurative]
dissimuler (mistake, loss, crime, affair, truth)
cacher (emotion)
étouffer (scandal)
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