Translation of fill in French:


Pronunciation: /fɪl/


  • 1 remplir [container, page] (with de); garnir [cushion, pie, sandwich] (with de); [dentist] plomber [tooth, cavity]
  • 2 [crowd, sound] remplir [room, street]; [smoke, protesters] envahir [building, room]; occuper [time, day, hours]; [emotion, thought] remplir [mind, person]
  • 3 boucher [crack, hole, void] (with avec)
  • 5 [company, university] pourvoir [post, vacancy]


  • se remplir (with de)

Phrasal verbs

fill in

to fill in for sb remplacer qn
fill [sth] in remplir [form]; donner [detail, name, date]
fill [sb] in mettre [qn] au courant (on de)

fill out

fill out [person] prendre du poids; [face] s'arrondir
fill [sth] out remplir [form]; faire [prescription]

fill up

fill up [bath, theatre, bus] se remplir (with de)
fill [sth] up remplir [kettle, box, room] (with de)

Definition of fill in:

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