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British English: /ɡeɪn/
American English: /ɡeɪn/

Translation of gain in French:


  • 1 (increase) gain in weight/value
    augmentation de poids/de valeur
    gain in time
    gain (m) de temps
    gains in productivity
    gains (mpl) de productivité
  • 2 (profit) material/financial gain
    gain (m) matériel/financier
    to do something for material gain
    faire quelque chose pour l'argent
  • 3 (advantage, improvement)
    (gen) gain (m)
    (in status, knowledge) acquis (m)
    electoral/diplomatic gains
    gains électoraux/diplomatiques
    the gains of women's liberation
    les acquis de la libération féminine
    to make gains
    (political party)
    se renforcer
    it's her loss but our gain
    elle y perd mais nous y gagnons

also: gains plural noun

  • (Business, Finance)
    (profits) gains mpl
    profits mpl
    (winnings) gains mpl
    (on stock market) gains mpl
    hausses fpl
    losses and gains
    pertes (fpl) et profits (mpl)
    to make gains
    (currency, shares)
    être en hausse

transitive verb

  • 1 (acquire)
    acquérir (experience) (from de)
    obtenir (information) (from grâce à)
    gagner (respect, support, approval)
    conquérir (freedom)
    to gain popularity
    gagner en popularité
    to gain time to gain something by doing
    gagner quelque chose en faisant
    to gain credibility by doing
    gagner en crédibilité en faisant
    the advantages to be gained from adopting this strategy
    les avantages qu'on peut obtenir en adoptant cette stratégie
    we have nothing to gain from this investment
    nous n'avons rien à gagner dans cet investissement
    to gain the impression that … to gain control of something
    prendre le contrôle de quelque chose
    to gain possession of something
    s'assurer la possession de quelque chose
    to gain ground
  • 2 (increase) (in speed, height, etc) to gain speed/momentum
    (driver, vehicle, plane)
    prendre de la vitesse/de l'élan
    to gain weight
    prendre du poids
    to gain 4 kilos
    prendre 4 kilos
    to gain 3 minutes (watch, clock, competitor)
    prendre 3 minutes d'avance
    my watch has started to gain time
    ma montre s'est mise à avancer
  • 3 (win) to gain points
    gagner des points
    the Republicans gained four seats
    les Républicains ont gagné quatre sièges
    they gained four seats from the Democrats
    ils ont pris quatre sièges aux Démocrates
    to gain a comfortable victory
    remporter une victoire confortable
    to gain the upper hand
    prendre le dessus
    we have everything to gain and nothing to lose
    nous avons tout à gagner et rien à perdre

intransitive verb

  • 1 (improve)to gain in prestige/popularity
    gagner en prestige/en popularité
    to gain in confidence
  • 2 (profit) she's not gained by it
    cela ne lui a rien rapporté
    do you think we'll gain by adopting this strategy?
    pensez-vous que nous y gagnerons en adoptant cette stratégie?

Phrasal verbs

gain on

gain on [somebody/something]
rattraper (person, vehicle)
the opposition are gaining on the government
l'opposition l'emporte sur le gouvernement
the sea is gaining on the land
la mer gagne sur la terre
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