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Pronunciation: /gɪv/

Translation of give in French:


  • élasticité (f)

vt (prét gave pp, given)

vi (prét gave pp, given)

  • [mattress, sofa] s'affaisser; [shelf, floorboard] fléchir; [branch] ployer


give or take an inch (or two)

à quelques centimètres près

to give and take

faire des concessions

to give as good as one gets

rendre coup pour coup

to give it all one's got

Phrasal verbs

give away

give [sth] away donner [item, sample] 1.1 révéler [secret] 1.2 laisser échapper [match, goal, advantage] (to au bénéfice de)
give [sb] away (betray) [expression, fingerprints] trahir; [person] dénoncer (to à) to give oneself away se trahir 1.1 (in marriage) conduire [qn] à l'autel

give back

rendre (to à)

give in

give in (yield) céder (to à) 1.1 (stop trying) abandonner I give in—tell me! je donne ma langue au chat [fam] —dis-le-moi!
give [sth] in rendre [work]; remettre [ticket, key]

give off

émettre [signal, radiation, light]; dégager [heat, fumes]

give out

give out [strength] s'épuiser; [engine] tomber en panne
give [sth] out (distribute) distribuer (to à)

give up

give up abandonner to give up on laisser tomber [diet, crossword, pupil, patient] ne plus compter sur [friend, partner]
give up [sth] renoncer à [habit, title, claim]; sacrifier [free time]; quitter [job] to give up smoking/drinking cesser de fumer/de boire 1.1 abandonner [search, hope, struggle]; renoncer à [idea] 1.2 céder [seat, territory]
give [sb] up (hand over) livrer (to à) to give oneself up se livrer (to à) 1.1 laisser tomber [lover]

give way

(collapse) s'effondrer; [fence, cable] céder his legs gave way ses jambes se sont dérobées sous lui 1.1 (BrE) (when driving) céder le passage (to à) 1.2 (yield) céder to give way to faire place à

Definition of give in:

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