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British English: /ɡɛs/
American English: /ɡɛs/

Translation of guess in French:


  • to have ou make ou take a guess
    essayer de deviner
    to have ou make ou take a guess at something
    essayer de deviner quelque chose
    my guess is that they will lose
    à mon avis ils vont perdre
    at a (rough) guess I would say that he is about 30
    au hasard je dirais qu'il a 30 ans environ
    there are, at a guess, ten families living in that building
    il doit y avoir approximativement une dizaine de familles habitant cet immeuble
    I'll give you three guesses!
    devine un peu!
    that was a good guess!
    tu as deviné juste!
    ‘how did you know?’—‘just a lucky guess!’
    ‘comment est-ce que tu l'as su?’—‘c'est le hasard’
    to make a wild guess
    deviner au hasard
    your guess is as good as mine
    je n'en sais pas plus que toi
    it's anybody's guess!
    les paris sont ouverts!
    what will happen now is anybody's guess
    Dieu seul sait ce qui va arriver maintenant

transitive verb

  • 1 (intuit)
    deviner (answer, reason, name, identity)
    deviner, estimer (length, width)
    to guess that …
    conjecturer que, supposer que …
    to guess somebody's age (correctly)
    deviner l'âge de quelqu'un
    (make estimate) donner un âge à quelqu'un
    I should guess him to be about 30
    je lui donnerais 30 ans environ
    I guessed the time to be about one o'clock
    il me semblait qu'il devait être environ une heure
    she had guessed what I was thinking
    elle avait deviné mes pensées
    you'll never guess what has happened!
    tu ne devineras jamais ce qui vient d'arriver!
    I guessed as much! guess what! I've won a prize!
    tu sais quoi! j'ai gagné un prix! [informal]
    guess who!
    devine qui c'est!
  • 2 (American English) (suppose)
    (believe, think) penser, croire
    I guess (that) what he says is true
    je suppose que ce qu'il dit est vrai
    I guess (that) I must be going now
    il faut que je m'en aille maintenant
    ‘he's right, you know’—‘I guess so’
    ‘il a raison, tu sais’—‘oui, je suppose’
    ‘you can't be sure’—‘I guess not’
    ‘tu ne peux pas être sûr’—‘non, effectivement’

intransitive verb

  • to guess at
    faire des suppositions or des conjectures quant à (plans, outcome)
    to guess right
    deviner juste
    to guess wrong
    se tromper
    you're just guessing!
    tu ne fais que deviner!
    you'll never guess!
    tu ne devineras jamais!
    I couldn't begin to guess to keep somebody guessing
    laisser quelqu'un dans le doute
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