Translation of hand in French:


Pronunciation: /hænd/


  • 1 main (f) he had a pencil in his hand il avait un crayon à la main to hold sb's hand tenir qn par la main to make sth by hand faire qch à la main the letter was delivered by hand la lettre a été remise en mains propres to give sb a (helping) hand donner un coup de main à qn to have sth to hand avoir qch sous la main to be on hand [person] être disponible to get out of hand devenir incontrôlable to take sb/sth in hand prendre qn/qch en main [situation, person]
  • 5on the one hand…, on the other hand… d'une part…, d'autre part…


  • to hand sth to sb donner qch à qn

phr (hand in hand)

  • [run, walk] la main dans la main to go hand in hand aller de pair (with avec)

phr (out of hand)

  • [reject] d'emblée


to have one's hands full

avoir assez à faire

to try one's hand at sth

s'essayer de faire qch

to know sth like the back of one's hand

Phrasal verbs

hand down

passer [object, clothes] (to sb à qn); transmettre [property]

hand in

remettre [form] (to à); rendre [homework, keys]

hand out

distribuer [food, leaflets]

hand over

hand over to [sb] passer l'antenne à [reporter]; passer la main à [deputy, successor]
hand [sth] over rendre [weapon]; céder [business]; remettre [keys, money]
hand [sb] over livrer [prisoner]

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