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British English: /ˈhɛvi/
American English: /ˈhɛvi/

Translation of heavy in French:


  • 1 (person)
    (gen) grosse brute (f)
    (bodyguard, escort) gorille (m) [informal]
  • 2 (British English) (newspaper)
    grand journal (m)
    journal (m) sérieux


  • 1 (gen) (Physics) (having weight)
    (weight, person, load, bag, parcel)
    to be too heavy to lift
    être trop lourd à soulever or pour qu'on puisse le soulever
    to make something heavier
    alourdir quelque chose
    he's 5 kg heavier than me
    il pèse 5 kilos de plus que moi
    how heavy are you? to be heavy with young
    être pleine
  • 2 (thick)
    (fabric, coat)
    (shoes, frame)
    gros/grosse (before n)
    (line, feature, face)
    in heavy type of heavy build
    solidement bâti, de forte carrure
    to wear heavy make-up
    se maquiller beaucoup, être très maquillé
  • 3 (large)
    gros/grosse (before n)
    (Military) (artillery)
    ‘heavy plant crossing’
    ‘traversée d'engins’
  • 4 [figurative] (weighty, ponderous)
    (movement, step)
    pesant, lourd
    (irony, humour, responsibility, sigh)
    my legs feel heavy his eyelids began to get heavy
    ses paupières devenaient lourdes
    with a heavy heart
    le cœur gros
    to be a heavy sleeper
    avoir le sommeil lourd
    a heavy thud
    un bruit sourd
    a heavy blow
    un coup violent
    ‘you told me,’ he said with heavy emphasis
    ‘c'est toi qui me l'a dit,’ dit-il en insistant lourdement
    the going is heavy
    le terrain est lourd
    the interview was heavy going (slow, hard work)
    l'interview était laborieuse
  • 5 (abundant)
    (bleeding, period)
    (charge, investment)
    to be a heavy drinker/smoker
    boire/fumer beaucoup
    security was heavy
    d'importantes mesures de sécurité avaient été prises
    heavy trading on the stock market
    beaucoup de transactions à la Bourse
    to have a heavy workload
    avoir beaucoup de travail
    to be heavy on (use a lot of)
    avoir la main lourde sur (ingredient, perfume)
    consommer beaucoup de (fuel)
    (contain a lot of) comporter beaucoup de (humour, ingredient)
  • 6 (severe)
    (defeat, loss, debt)
    (attack, bombing)
    (prison sentence, penalty, fine)
    (cuts, criticism)
    fort (before n)
    gros/grosse (before n)
    heavy casualties
    un nombre élevé de victimes
    heavy fighting
    de violents combats
  • 10 (busy, packed)
    (day, month, timetable, programme)
  • 11 (difficult, serious)
    (book, paper, film, lecture)
    this article is ou makes heavy reading
    cet article n'est pas d'une lecture facile
  • 12 (loaded)to be heavy with
    (air, branch, atmosphere)
    être chargé de (perfume, flowers, resentment)
    a remark heavy with meaning
    une remarque lourde de sens


  • (weigh)
    time hung heavy on her hands
    le temps lui pesait


things started to get heavy

(threatening) ça a commencé à mal tourner
(serious, intellectual) ça a commencé à devenir un peu ardu
(sexual) ça a commencé à devenir lourd [informal]
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