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Pronunciation: /həʊld/

Translation of hold in French:


  • 2to get hold of se procurer [book, ticket] découvrir [information]
  • 3to get hold of sb (contact) joindre qn (find) trouver qn
  • 4 (control) emprise (f) (on, over sur) to have a hold on or over sb avoir de l'emprise sur qn to get a hold of oneself se reprendre
  • 5to put a call on hold mettre un appel en attente

vt (prét, pp held)

  • 1 tenir to hold sth in one's hand tenir qch à la main [brush, pencil] (enclosed) tenir qch dans la main [coin, sweet] to hold sb (in one's arms) serrer qn dans ses bras to hold sth in place maintenir qch en place
  • 3 (contain) [drawer, box, case] contenir [objects, possessions]
  • 5 (keep against will) détenir [person] to hold sb hostage garder qn en otage
  • 7to hold sb's attention retenir l'attention de qn to hold sb responsible tenir qn pour responsable
  • 8 (defend successfully) tenir [territory, city]; conserver [title, seat] to hold one's own bien se défendre
  • 9 (on phone) can you hold the line please? ne quittez pas s'il vous plaît

vi (prét, pp held)

  • 2 [weather] se maintenir; [luck] durer

Phrasal verbs

hold against

to hold sth against sb reprocher qch à qn

hold back

hold back se retenir (from doing de faire)
hold [sb/sth] back contenir [water, crowd, anger]; retenir [tears, person] 1.1 entraver [development]

hold down

tenir, maîtriser [person] 1.1 garder [job]

hold on

(wait) attendre ‘hold on…’ (on phone) ‘ne quittez pas…’ 1.1 (grip) s'accrocher ‘hold on (tight)!’ ‘tiens-toi (bien)!’

hold on to

s'agripper à [branch, rope, person]; (to prevent from falling) retenir [person]; serrer [object, purse]

hold out

hold out tenir bon to hold out against tenir bon devant [threat, changes]
hold [sth] out tendre [hand] (to à)

hold to

hold sb to [sth] faire tenir [qch] à qn [promise]

hold up

soutenir [shelf]; tenir [trousers] 1.1 (raise) lever to hold one's hand up lever la main 1.2 (delay) retarder [person, flight]; ralentir [production, traffic] 1.3 (rob) attaquer

Definition of hold in:

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