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British English: /ˈɪntʊ/
, /ˈɪntə/
American English: /ˈɪn(t)u/
, /ˈɪn(t)ə/
Into is used after certain nouns and verbs in English ( way into, change into, stray into etc). For translations, consult the appropriate noun or verb entry ( way change stray etc). into is used in the structure verb + somebody + into + doing ( to bully somebody into doing, to fool somebody into doing). For translations of these structures see the appropriate verb entry ( bully fool etc).For translations of expressions like get into trouble, go into detail, get into debt etc you should consult the appropriate noun entry ( trouble detail debt etc).

Translation of into in French:


get into go into
  • 1 (indicating change of position, location) to put something into
    mettre quelque chose dans (container, envelope, drainer, room)
    to come/go into
    entrer dans (room, building, zone)
    to disappear into
    disparaître dans (forest, mist)
    pour the mixture into it
    verser le mélange dedans
    to move something into the shade
    mettre quelque chose à l'ombre
    to go into town/into the office
    aller en ville/au bureau
    to get into a car/a train
    monter dans une voiture/un train
    to get into bed to help somebody into bed
    aider quelqu'un à se mettre au lit
  • 2 (indicating change of shape, form, value) to cut/fold something into triangles
    couper/plier quelque chose en triangles
    to curl up into a ball to break into pieces
    se briser
    divided into apartments
    divisé en appartements
    to translate something into Greek
    traduire quelque chose en grec
    to change dollars into euros
    changer des dollars en euros
    to turn into
    se métamorphoser en (butterfly, frog)
    to turn into a young woman
    devenir une jeune femme
    to roll something into a ball
    faire une boule de quelque chose
  • 3 (indicating duration) to last/continue into the 18th century
    durer/continuer jusqu'au XVIIIe siècle
    to go on into the afternoon
    se prolonger dans l'après-midi
    long ou far into the night
    jusque tard dans la nuit
  • 4 (indicating a point in a process) we were well into 1988 when…
    l'année 1988 était bien entamée quand…
    well into the second half
    bien après le début de la deuxième mi-temps
    she was well into the fourth month of her pregnancy
    elle en était bien à son quatrième mois de grossesse
    to be (well) into one's thirties
    avoir une bonne trentaine d'années
  • 5 (indicating direction) to speak into the microphone
    parler dans le microphone
    to stare into space to gaze into the distance
    regarder au loin
    to ride off into the sunset
    partir vers le soleil couchant
  • 6 [informal] (keen on)to be into
    être fana de [informal] (jazz, athletics, architecture etc)
    she's into art in a big way, she's heavily into art
    c'est vraiment une fana d'art [informal]
    to be into drugs
    se droguer
  • 7 (indicating impact) to run into something
    rentrer dans quelque chose
    he bumped into me
    il m'est rentré dedans
    to bang into somebody/something
    heurter quelqu'un/quelque chose
  • 8 (Mathematics)8 into 24 goes 3 times ou is 3
    24 divisé par 8 égale 3


to be into everything

Definition of into in:
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