Translation of knock in French:


Pronunciation: /nɒk/


  • 1 (blow) coup (m) (on sur de) (with de) a knock at the door un coup à la porte knock! knock! toc! toc!
  • 2 (setback) coup (m) to take a knock en prendre un coup


  • 1 (strike) cogner [object] to knock one's head on sth se cogner la tête contre qch to knock sb unconscious assommer qn to knock sth off or out of sth faire tomber qch de qch


  • 1 [branch, engine, object] cogner (on, against contre); [person] frapper (at, on à)
  • 2 (collide) to knock into or against sth heurter qch

Phrasal verbs

knock down

(deliberately) jeter [qn] à terre [person]; défoncer [door]; démolir [building]; (accidentally) renverser [person, object]; abattre [fence] 1.1 [buyer] faire baisser [price]; [seller] baisser [price]

knock off

knock off arrêter de travailler
knock [sb/sth] offknock off [sb/sth] (cause to fall) faire tomber [person, object] 1.1 [fam] (reduce) to knock £10 off the price of sth réduire le prix de qch de 10 livres 1.2 [fam] knock it off! ça suffit!

knock out

casser [tooth] 1.1 (make unconscious) [person, blow] assommer; [drug] endormir; [boxer] mettre [qn] au tapis [opponent] 1.2 [Sport] éliminer [opponent, team]

knock over

renverser [person, object]

Definition of knock in:

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