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British English: /leɪ/
American English: /leɪ/

Translation of lay in French:

past tense


  • 1 [slang] [pejorative] (sexual partner)she's an easy lay [pejorative]
    c'est une fille facile [offensive]
    she's a good lay [pejorative]
    elle baise bien [offensive] [vulgar]
    (sex act)
    baise (f) [vulgar]


  • 1 (gen)
    (helper, worker)
    non initié
    lay opinion
    l'opinion des profanes
  • 2 (Religion)
    (preacher, member, reader)
    (brother, sister)

transitive verb prét, pp laid

  • 1 [literal]
    (place) poser
    (spread out) étaler (rug, blanket, covering)
    (arrange) disposer
    (ceremonially, as offering) déposer (wreath)
    coucher (baby, patient)
    lay the cards face down
    posez les cartes face en dessous
    lay the blanket on the ground
    étalez la couverture sur le sol
    lay the slices of apple on top
    disposez les pommes coupées en tranches sur le dessus
    she laid the baby in the cot
    elle a couché le bébé dans le berceau
    to lay the newspaper on the table
    étaler le journal sur la table
    he laid his hand on my forehead
    il a posé sa main sur mon front
    he laid his cheek against hers
    il a mis sa joue contre la sienne
    to lay hands on something [figurative] (find)
    mettre la main sur quelque chose
    to lay hands on somebody (Religion)
    imposer les mains à quelqu'un
  • 2 (set for meal)
    mettre (table, cutlery, crockery)
    to lay the table for lunch
    mettre la table pour le déjeuner
    to lay the table for four
    mettre le couvert pour quatre
    to lay the table with the best china
    disposer la plus belle porcelaine sur la table
    to lay an extra place
  • 4 (Construction, Agriculture, Military)
    poser (carpet, tiles, bricks, paving, turf, cable, mine, pipe)
    construire (railway, road, sewer)
  • 6 [figurative] (attribute)
    porter (charge, accusation)
    déposer (complaint)
    jeter (curse, spell) (on à)
    to lay stress ou emphasis on something
    mettre l'accent sur quelque chose
    to lay the blame for something on somebody
    rejeter la responsabilité de quelque chose sur quelqu'un
  • 7 (bet) (gen) (Horse racing)
    parier (money) (on sur)
  • 9 [slang] (have sex with)
    baiser avec [vulgar]
    to get laid
    se faire sauter [vulgar]

intransitive verb prét, pp laid


to lay it on the line

ne pas mâcher ses mots

to lay a finger ou hand on somebody

(beat) lever la main sur quelqu'un
(touch) toucher

Phrasal verbs

lay about

lay about [somebody]
rouer [quelqu'un] de coups
to lay about somebody with a stick
rouer quelqu'un de coups de bâton

lay aside

lay aside [something], lay [something] aside 1.1 [literal] (for another activity)
poser (book, sewing, toy)
(after one stage in process) mettre [quelque chose] de côté (part-finished dish, model)
1.2 [figurative] (relinquish)
abandonner (studies, cares)
renoncer à (responsibility, principle, feeling, inhibition, doubt)

lay back

lay back [something], lay [something] back
coucher (ears, patient)
poser (head)

lay before

lay [something] before somebody
soumettre [quelque chose] à quelqu'un (law, bill)
exposer [quelque chose] à quelqu'un (case, facts, evidence)
I laid the facts before them
je leur ai exposé les faits

lay by

lay by [something], lay [something] by

lay down

lay down [something], lay [something] down 1.1 (put horizontal)
coucher (object, baby, patient)
étaler (rug, garment, cards)
1.2 (put down)
poser (book, implement, suitcase)
déposer (weapon, arms)
1.3 [figurative] (relinquish) to lay down one's life for somebody/something
sacrifier sa vie pour quelqu'un/quelque chose
1.4 (establish)
établir (rule, procedure, plan, course of action)
poser (condition)
donner (order)
fixer (price, charge, wage)
it is laid down that…
il est stipulé que…
1.5 (Construction)
jeter, poser (foundations)
installer (cable, pipe, drain)
construire (road, railway)
1.6 (store)
mettre [quelque chose] en cave (bottles, wine)
1.7 (record)
enregistrer (track)

lay in

lay in [something]
faire provision de
we've laid in plenty of beer
nous avons fait une grande provision de bière
to lay in supplies of something
s'approvisionner en quelque chose

lay into

lay into [somebody] 1.1 [literal]
bourrer [quelqu'un] de coups
she laid into me with her umbrella
elle m'a donné des coups de parapluie
1.2 [figurative] [informal] (abuse)she laid into me
elle m'est tombée dessus [informal]
the teacher laid into them for being late
le professeur leur est tombé dessus à cause de leur retard [informal]

lay off

1 (stop) [informal] lay off! it hurts!
arrête! ça fait mal!
2 lay off [somebody], lay [somebody] off (sack)
(temporarily) mettre [quelqu'un] en chômage technique
(permanently) licencier
3 lay off [somebody] (leave alone) [informal]
laisser [quelqu'un] tranquille

lay on

lay on [something], lay [something] on 1.1 (apply)
appliquer (paint, plaster, glue)
1.2 (British English) (install)
installer (gas, electricity, water)
faire installer (gas, electricity, water)
1.3 (supply)
prévoir (meal, food, service, transport)
1.4 (organize)
organiser (entertainment, excursion)
donner (display)
1.5 [figurative] [informal] (exaggerate)
forcer un peu la dose sur [informal] (praise, pathos, sarcasm, gratitude, flattery)
you laid it on a bit (thick)
tu as forcé un peu la dose [informal]

lay open

lay [something] open
exposer (to à)
to lay oneself open to
s'exposer à (accusations, criticism, ridicule, exploitation)

lay out

1 lay [something] out, lay out [something] 1.1 [literal]
(spread out, display) disposer (goods, cards, food)
(unfold) étaler (map, garment, fabric)
(put ready) préparer (clothes)
1.2 (design)
concevoir (building, book, magazine, advertisement)
mettre [quelque chose] en page (letter, illustrations)
monter (page)
dessiner (town, village, garden)
disposer (buildings, pattern pieces)
1.3 (explain)
exposer (reasons, demands, facts, information)
1.4 [informal] (spend)
débourser (sum of money)
2 lay out [somebody], lay [somebody] out 2.1 (prepare for burial)
faire la toilette mortuaire de (dead person, corpse)
2.2 [informal] (knock unconscious)
mettre [quelqu'un] KO [informal]

lay up

1 lay up [something], lay [something] up 1.1 (store away)
faire provision de (food, supplies)
se préparer (trouble, problems)
1.2 (take out of service)
désarmer (boat)
2 lay [somebody] up (confine to bed)
forcer [quelqu'un] à s'aliter
to be laid up
être alité
to be laid up with
être au lit avec (illness, injury)
Definition of lay in:
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