Translation of lay in French:


Pronunciation: /leɪ/


vt (prét, pp laid)

  • 1 (place) poser [object, card] (in dans sur) (on sur); (spread out) étaler [rug, newspaper] (on sur); (arrange) disposer (on sur) to lay the table (for) mettre la table (pour)

vi (prét, pp laid)

Phrasal verbs

lay down

coucher [baby, patient]; étaler [rug, cards]; poser [book, implement]; déposer [weapon] 1.1to lay down one's life for sacrifier sa vie pour 1.2 établir [rule]; poser [condition]

lay off

(temporarily) mettre [qn] en chômage technique; (permanently) licencier

lay on

prévoir [meal, transport]; organiser [trip]

lay out

disposer [goods, food]; étaler [map, garment, fabric] 1.1 concevoir [building, advert]; mettre [qch] en page [letter]; monter [page]

Definition of lay in:

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