There are 2 translations of lead in French:


Pronunciation: /liːd/


  • 2 (initiative) to take the lead prendre l'initiative to follow sb's lead suivre l'exemple de qn
  • 4 (leading role) rôle (m) principal


vt (prét, pp led)

  • 1 (guide, escort) mener, conduire [person] (to sth à qch auprès de qn) (to sb auprès de qn) to lead sb away éloigner qn (from de)
  • 2 (bring) [path, sign] mener (to à)
  • 3 (cause) to lead sb to do amener qn à faire
  • 4 mener [army, team, attack, strike]; diriger [orchestra, research]
  • 5 (conduct, have) mener [active life] to lead a life of luxury vivre dans le luxe

vi (prét, pp led)

  • 1to lead to [path] mener à [door] s'ouvrir sur [exit, trapdoor] donner accès à
  • 2 (result in) to lead to entraîner [complication, discovery, accident]
  • 3 [runner, car, company] être en tête; [team, side] mener to lead by 15 seconds avoir 15 secondes d'avance
  • 4 (in walk) aller devant; (in action, discussion) prendre l'initiative; (in dancing) conduire

Phrasal verbs

lead up to

(precede) précéder [event] 1.1 (build up to) amener [topic]

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