Translation of leave in French:


Pronunciation: /liːv/


vt (prét, pp left)

  • 1 (depart from) partir de [house, station etc]; (more permanently) quitter [country, city etc]; (go out of) sortir de [room, building] he left home early il est parti tôt de chez lui to leave school quitter l'école
  • 4 laisser [instructions, tip] (for pour à) (with à) to leave sb sth laisser qch à qn to leave sb/sth in sb's care confier qn/qch à qn
  • 6to leave sth to sb laisser [qch] à qn [job, task] to leave it (up) to sb to do laisser à qn le soin de faire to leave sb to it laisser qn se débrouiller leave it to or with me je m'en occupe
  • 8 (postpone) laisser [task, homework] leave it till tomorrow laisse ça pour demain

vi (prét, pp left)

Phrasal verbs

leave behind

(go faster than) distancer [person, competitor] to be or get left behind (physically) se faire distancer (intellectually) ne pas suivre (in business) se laisser distancer 1.1 [traveller] laisser [qch] derrière soi [town, country]; [person] quitter [family, husband]; en finir avec [past] 1.2 (forget) oublier, laisser [object, child, animal]

leave out

(accidentally) oublier [word, ingredient, person]; (deliberately) omettre [name, fact]; ne pas mettre [ingredient, object]; tenir [qn] à l'écart [person] to leave sb out of exclure qn de [group] 1.1 (outdoors) laisser [qch] dehors

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