There are 2 translations of let in French:


Pronunciation: /let/

When let is used with another verb to make a suggestion ( let's do it at once), the first person plural of the appropriate verb can generally be used to express this in French: faisons-le tout de suite. (Note that the verb alone translates let us do and no pronoun appears in French.) In the spoken language, however, French speakers will use the much more colloquial on + present tense or si on + imperfect tense: let's go! = allons-y or on y va!; let's go to the cinema tonight = si on allait au cinéma ce soir?These translations can also be used for suggestions in the negative: let's not take or don't let's take the bus—let's walk = on ne prend pas le bus, on y va à pied or ne prenons pas le bus, allons-y à pied.When let is used to mean allow, it is generally translated by the verb laisser. For more examples and particular usages, see the entry below.

vt (p prés -tt- prét, pp, let)

  • 1 (in suggestions, commands) let's get out of here! sortons d'ici! let's not or don't let's (BrE) talk about that! n'en parlons pas!
  • 2 (allow) to let sb do laisser qn faire let me explain laisse-moi t'expliquer don't let it get you down ne te laisse pas abattre she wanted to go but they wouldn't let her elle voulait y aller mais ils ne l'ont pas laissée faire to let one's hair grow se laisser pousser les cheveux

Phrasal verbs

let down

let [sb] down (disappoint) laisser tomber to feel let down être déçu/-e 1.1 (embarrass) faire honte à
let [sth] down (BrE) dégonfler [tyre] 1.1 rallonger [garment]

let go

let go lâcher prise to let go of sb/sth lâcher qn/qch
let [sb] go relâcher [prisoner] 1.1 lâcher [person, arm] 1.2 licencier [employee] 1.3to let oneself go se laisser aller
let [sth] go lâcher [rope, bar]

let in

let [sth] in [roof, window] laisser passer [rain]; [shoes] prendre [water]; [curtains] laisser passer [light]
let [sb] in (show in) faire entrer; (admit) laisser entrer 1.1to let oneself in for aller au devant de [trouble]

let off

let off [sth] tirer [fireworks]; faire exploser [bomb]; faire partir [gun]
let [sb] off (excuse) to let sb off dispenser qn de [homework] 1.1 (leave unpunished) ne pas punir [culprit]

let out

let out (AmE) [school] finir (at à)
let out [sth] laisser échapper [cry] to let out a roar beugler 1.1 (BrE) (reveal) révéler (that que)
let [sth] out faire sortir [animal]; donner libre cours à [anger] 1.1 élargir [waistband]
let [sb] out laisser sortir [prisoner] (of de); faire sortir [pupils, employees] (of de)

let up

[rain, wind] se calmer; [pressure] s'arrêter; [heat] diminuer

Definition of let in:

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There are 2 translations of let in French:


Pronunciation: /let/

vt (p prés -tt- prét, pp, let)

Definition of let in: