Translation of lift in French:


Pronunciation: /lɪft/


  • 2 (ride) she asked me for a lift elle m'a demandé de la conduire can I give you a lift? je peux te déposer quelque part?
  • 3 [fam] (boost) to give sb a lift remonter le moral à qn


  • 1 (pick up) soulever [object, person] to lift sth out of the box sortir qch de la boîte
  • 3 (remove) lever [ban, sanctions]
  • 4 (boost) to lift sb's spirits remonter le moral à qn
  • 5 [fam], (steal) piquer [fam] (from dans)


Phrasal verbs

lift off

lift off [rocket] décoller; [top, cover] s'enlever
lift [sth] off enlever [cover, lid]

lift up

soulever [book, suitcase, lid]; lever [head, veil, eyes]; relever [jumper, coat]

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